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You've never seen Infect done like this before.

Modern BG (Golgari) Combo Competitive Infect




B/G Infect. Control. Pump. Win.

Looking for help. Please help.

This is a B/G Infect deck idea I came up with. I'm trying to make it somewhat competitive so I can play with it every week at my LGS and likely take it to the GP coming up this summer.

After looking through a lot of modern archetype Infect decks, I decided to take concepts from B/U/G infect decks I saw and then homebrew my own, but only B/G.

This version I created has everything that complements my specific playstyle. Control the game by hand-ripping out specific threats with Thoughtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek, and Duress. Furthermore, destroy any specific threats that had hit the field early on with Abrupt Decay. Bait removal with Glistener Elf if need be, then lay down a Phyrexian Crusader and pump it up with any of the various 12 pump spells to swing and win.

My sideboard needs help, because there is none. My mainboard probably needs help too, but you can see what I'm going for here. This has all of the elements of control from Mono Black Infect and all of the pump from Green Infect decks.


In general, this deck should be favorable against combo and midrange and may perform poorly to Aggro (Merfolk, Zoo), Burn, and Affinity. Below was some testing from a while ago (maybe like 2014-2015?) of a different, but similar version of this deck. I will test it with the current Modern meta as soon as I can and update!

U/R Burn: 2-0. Was very close though, both games.

Enduring Ideal: 1-2. Infect should definitely be favored here, but I drew really, really, really bad in the last two loss games.

B/R Minotaur Aggro: 2-1. First game was stuck on one land the entire match.

Abzan Midrange: 2-1.

Thanks for looking/helping.


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