This is a _mono--grave-aggro deck.

The Gimmick

We want to create tokens by discarding to Zombie Infestation, Call the Bloodline or Cryptbreaker, and then get even more tokens with Desecrated Tomb when creatures leave the graveyard.

Turn 1

Cast a one-drop creature: Bloodsoaked Champion, Gravecrawler, Cryptbreaker or Slitherhead.

Turn 2

Attack with the one-drop. Cast discard-outlet-enchantment: Zombie Infestation, Call the Bloodline. Create zombie tokens. preferably discard: Nether Spirit, Squee, Goblin Nabob. Gravecrawler or Slitherhead. complementary enchantments are also unnecessary. *Note; if you have Hollow One in hand you need to wait for the next turn, as you want to cast him too.

Turn 3

Reinforce your board presence with Desecrated Tomb. Now you have a two-way-token-generator. You could also scavenge Slitherhead to make the first bat token.

Other spells

  1. Hollow One - Discard two and slam him for cmc 1. It's nice to have atleast one a bit bigger creature.

  2. Foul-Tongue Shriek - This helps with the last-ditch damage.

  3. Alms of the Vein - Good to discard.

Some notes

  1. Cryptbreaker - Was just added. It seems to be the best card-draw for this deck.

  2. Game testing for this deck is still almost non-existent, so it's rough draft.

  3. I think the bat tokens should be sweet as they have flying.

  4. Desecrated Tomb kinda gets around grave-hate as if you have it on the battlefield removing creatures from grave will create bat tokens.

  5. Zombie Infestation is better than Call the Bloodline as the discard costs no mana, and zombie tokens let you cast Gravecrawler from graveyard.

  6. Zombie Infestation is better than Call the Bloodline as it discards two and better enables Hollow One.


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