I wanted to build a fun Rogue deck as soon as I saw Oona's Blackguard. Just the kind of creature I want to build a deck around. However the quickest kill I can get doesn't even involve her:

Turn 1: Land, Slither Blade. Turn 2: Land, swing for one (20>19), Stinkdrinker Bandit. Turn 3: Land, Deathcult Rogue, swing for three (19>16). Turn 4: Land, Grafted Wargear onto Deathcult Rogue or Slither Blade, swing for 11 (17>6). (Leaving a open as well for Triton Tactics to block against opponent lethal if necessary) Turn 5: Swing for the win.

Aside from that, the obvious next card was Bitterblossom, as cranking out 2/2 flyers for 1 life makes more sense than anything else in this world. Add in fun equipment like Cloak and Dagger and the shenanigans will be everywhere.

I feel like the real workhorse in this deck is going to be Grafted Wargear. The drawback is pretty meaningless when I can attach it to any of my Bitterblossom tokens to create a 4/3 flyer at will.

Though Frogtosser Banneret was originally a shoe in for the deck, I realized that for such a cheap deck, he wasn't needed.

If you have any feedback to make the deck better, please don't hesitate to leave a comment on the deck or give those sweet sweet +1s!


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