Battlefield Thaumaturge


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Heirloom Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Casual Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

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Set Rarity
Journey into Nyx (JOU) Rare

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Battlefield Thaumaturge

Creature — Human Wizard

Each instant and sorcery spell you cast costs 1 less to cast for each creature it targets. 

Heroic - Whenever you cast a spell that targets Battlefield Thaumaturge, Battlefield Thaumaturge gains hexproof until end of turn.

Battlefield Thaumaturge Discussion

seshiro_of_the_orochi on What non legendaries would you ...

1 month ago

I'd love a deck around Battlefield Thaumaturge . This is one of my favourite blue creatures and having him lead a deck would be awesome.

A little of-topic: A creature version of Guided Passage would be a dream come true.

Cipher001 on Tap-Down Control

4 months ago

I want to make a deck based around tap-down control. As in, Downpour and Feeling of Dread control. For years, I’ve been trying to make this idea work, ever since I first started playing, in Return to Ravnica. It started with the cards Gideon's Avenger and Sunblast Angel . I thought I could make something work, and I sort of did. I made a budget deck that achieved mild success on T/O called Frozen Solid. People liked it because it was cheap and gimmicky, but I wanted it to be more than a cheap trick, which is unfortunate, because that’s all it could have really been at the time. The deck suffers from a core weakness that other forms of control don’t have to deal with, namely that after your cheap tap-down spell has resolved, all your opponent has to do is wait another turn and build up their army even further. Sunblast angel requires a land drop every turn for six turns. The game ends up being about prolonging an inevitable loss instead of winning. Nevertheless, I tried my best to make it at least semi-competitive.

I tried every combination of U/W/X. I tried esper with its access to cards like Royal Assassin and Murderous Compulsion . A way to get rid of tapped cards is great, but why would anyone ever spend two mana on a Murderous Compulsion when they could spend it on Doom Blade , Ultimate Price , Walk the Plank , Cast Down , or half the mana on Fatal Push ? Royal assassin at least sticks around to be able to make use of a mana-free kill to complement your tap-down effects, but it dies to even the gentlest of creature removal. It dies to Lightning Bolt . It dies to Shock . Heck, it even dies to Darkblast . And aside from the assassin, there isn’t a whole lot to support tap-down control in black.

U/W/G has Glare of Subdual , which answers one problem the deck has, namely of a lack of creatures to serve as a wincon. At the same time though, you’re still tapping them down, so they can’t be used to attack with (unless you have something to untap them with, which splits your available resources even further) and if you have a big enough field presence to control the board by tapping stuff down, you could have probably won already through some Overrun kind of playstyle instead. I found merfolk a flavorful and surprisingly synergetic tribe for what I was going for here, as seen by cards like Merrow Reejerey , Merfolk Trickster , and Harbinger of the Tides . I thought that of all the ideas I’ve made thus far, this had the biggest chance of doing what I wanted, with built-in tribal support that aligned with a tap-down aesthetic. You could even finish games with a well-timed Wake Thrasher .

In R/W/U, I experimented with Aurelia's Fury . With cards like Assemble the Legion , stalling becomes a legitimate strategy. Battlefield Thaumaturge could be used to make the spell a two mana overloaded Blustersquall . Along that route, Gridlock and Glimpse the Sun God could be used to support it, but the idea is heavily reliant on thaumaturge, which doesn’t always see play, even as a 4-of.

A truly depressing match against Red Deck Wins made me realize that the deck is entirely reliant on the opponent’s having creatures. Thus, the idea to include something from the hunted cycle was born. Hunted Phantasm , for example, provides me with a good beater and plenty of things to make use of for my spells.

Every now and then, some piece of deck-tech makes me have that flutter of naïve hope, like when we got Time of Ice in Dominaria or Verity Circle in Ravnica Allegiance. Verity circle could be the answer, the missing link. It provides me with the ability to refuel my spells and dig through my deck to get to the wincon, whatever it should be. In any other kind of deck, it’s mediocre at best, but it’s the best support my jank idea has ever gotten. I could be missing something that comes clearly for you. I’m asking you to help me realize my seven-year-old dream: to create a tap-down control deck that holds its own against at least semi-competitive decks. (Decks that have a reasonably achievable means to win and efficient support to help it achieve its chosen way of winning.) I’m not asking for anything that’d make the top 8 list anywhere, just something I can be satisfied with. So long as the primary theme of the deck is controlling the field through tap-down effects, I’m happy.

Please help me out here. I’m at my wits end lol. A big thanks to any and all who put their two cents in.

Temporal_Inept on Pennies from Phyrexia [[Primer]]

10 months ago

cmskinny I've sideboard Cyclonic Rift for now. Haven't been able to overload yet and though Chain of Vapor would fit better since I can target my stuff with it. Have to look into Battlefield Thaumaturge, thanks for the heads up

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Double Tap: Toshiro Umezawa Spellslinger

10 months ago

ChaosJester: thanks for the great feedback :D would you tell me what it will be? And if it's a 60 card deck, some copies of Battlefield Thaumaturge would be nuts in there ;)

mj2335 on Quest Deck

1 year ago

Maybe Aether Theorist instead of Battlefield Thaumaturge, I switched some instants out and didnt even realize thaumaturge was useless... The only problem I had with 20 lands is that I was drawing them constantly...

hungry000 on Quest Deck

1 year ago

Battlefield Thaumaturge and Delver of Secrets  Flip definitely don't belong in your deck. There's isn't much point in playing two Delvers, especially when your plan is to beat down with Leviathans anyways, and you don't actually have any spells that get a discount from Thaumaturge. You also need a few more lands (like 20), otherwise you'll never cast your Dissipation Fields and Whelming Waves. Also, instead of Spell Pierce and Negate in the main, you should play Mana Leak since there are several decks that don't play any noncreature spells.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Venser: Wishful Blinking

1 year ago

I have a blink deck in the same colours: Eternal Displaceness (finite combo flicker).

Though my deck isn't modern legal, you might like some cards out of it: Mystic Snake is just ridiculous with blink effects, and it's especially great with Displace and eternal witness. A card i really enjoy in my list is Battlefield Thaumaturge.

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