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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal



Destroy target green or white creature.

legendofa on Cryptic Spires

9 months ago

Caerwyn Aside from Cryptic Spires, do any cards have mana symbols somewhere outside of the mana cost and rules text? I guess Deathmark and Star Compass, but I'd be surprised if anyone considers art to be a color identity determinant.

nbarry223 on In defense of Veil of …

1 year ago

I would actually argue that powerful but niche cards like Veil of Summer and Aether Gust is something the format needs more of. They aren't strictly better than other counterparts, but give some "narrow" hate that can be quite powerful in the right matches. We need more hate-cards in the format which are relevant in this manner. Wedge hate cards like this are great, and it's a shame that they aren't all at the same power level.

Cards like Devout Decree, Celestial Purge, Noxious Grasp, Deathmark, Fry, and Rending Volley just aren't powerful enough. White does get some decent creatures that fit the mold like Auriok Champion and Sanctifier en-Vec but those require a little more than a slight splash.

So in conclusion, rather than argue that Veil of Summer (a fixed Autumn's Veil) is too powerful, I would argue that the counterparts from other colors are just too weak, being outclassed by normal removal options.

We need more narrow cards that fit into what the color wants to do, and hate against what its enemy colors want to do better. For example, maybe some kind of Searing Blaze type of effect (deals with creatures and goes face) for against , and a effect against that punishes them for swarming and is a form of removal.

wallisface on rats v1

2 years ago

Some thoughts:

  • 18 mana is absurdly low. As an example, burn runs 19 lands, and only has cards costing 1-2cmc (mostly 1cmc). You have almost no 1-drops, and a card requiring 4cmc, as well as many creatures with activated abilities requiring mana. I think you need 22-23 lands as an absolute minimum.

  • i’m not sure how much Bad Moon actually helps you here, as the power-increase is low, and it has the chance to also buff your opponents stuff. I also feel like Door of Destinies is probably a bad “finisher card” in that it doesn’t do anything on the turn it comes down, and likely won’t be useful until you’ve cast at least 2-3 rats after its entry. Both of these buff effects feel really weak compared to other modern strategies. I would recommend you’d have better luck playing with more interaction and grinding your opponent down that way - Inquisition of Kozilek would do this deck well.

  • instead of Cast Down, i’d suggest playing Infernal Grasp, which is a MUCH stronger card.

  • Metallic Mimic, Rat Colony, and Typhoid Rats all feel too “cute” to be powerful/useful. Imo i’d just be relying on Pack Rat and Piper of the Swarm to win through value-games (running Unearth to recover em if they die), and packing the rest of your deck full of hand-disruption, killspells, interaction etc. But, in any case, i think you need a second colour in the deck to effectively strengthen this deck. There are a lot of options in all of Red (Lightning Bolt, Unholy Heat, Young Pyromancer), Blue (Counterspell, Drown in the Loch, etc), or Green (Abrupt Decay, Assassin's Trophy, Scavenging Ooze). What i’m getting at, is that it’s gunna be really hard to make this deck work well monocolour.

  • for your sideboard, both Deathmark and Hero's Downfall are pretty bad cards so i’d remove them. You also have, imo, too much graveyard hate (but your meta may require it?). It feels like you need some anti-burn/aggro cards in here.

legendofa on How much do ordinary people …

3 years ago

Massacar If an ordinary person actually saw the event depicted in Spirit of Resistance , would they be able to see colored lines bouncing off a forcefield? In Earnest Fellowship , is an aven really pouring out a rainbow?

Gemstone Array probably wasn't the best example, since Mirrodin's suns are literally the colors of mana. The five gem motif shows up in art often enough that it becomes shorthand for the five colors of mana. Maybe a better question is, how did the sculptor of The Three Seasons know to put white, blue, black, red, and green stones in the art? Are natural Mana Geode s common in the multiverse? Why does Naya Battlemage refer to schools instead of colors? Why are all of the Ravnica guild leaders physically in the right colors? How did Star Compass and Deathmark even get the symbols?

I guess what I'm asking is, what does mana actually look like? It clearly has a physical presence.

DemonDragonJ on Could Black Have This Effect?

3 years ago

WotC finally printed a mono-black card that can unconditionally destroy enchantments, which I do not particularly like, since being unable to destroy enchantments was an intentional weakness for black, but I shall tolerate it, provided that it does not start a trend.

However, I feel that it would be much more appropriate for black to have a card that reads “destroy/exile target green or white permanent,” since white has Celestial Purge, which can exile permanents of white’s enemy colors, and black already has Deathmark, which can destroy creatures of black’s enemy colors.

What does everyone else say about this? Could black have an effect such as that?

Murphy77 on M Red M

4 years ago

Thanks for your comment Deathmark

Yeah, I tend to agree, Claim the Firstborn is great in the first 3 turns, then becomes a bit 'meh'. Electrostatic Field becomes more important in the long game.

Zimmo on Infect

4 years ago

ContrapuntalAnt thank you, I'll put Deathmark and Surgical Extraction in the sideboard while I'll add 2x Might of Old Krosa and 4x Vines of Vastwood in order to protect my creatures from removal and eventually boost up creatures. I don't know what to remove from the sideboard except for the Golgari Rot Farm .

ContrapuntalAnt on Infect

4 years ago

As it is you're probably right in thinking that the deck is too slow. Infect is typically aggro/combo, and gets quick wins in through pump spells. Scale Up is great, but consider some of the following as well:

You don't indicate what sort of budget you're looking at. On the more expensive side, options for your land base include Inkmoth Nexus and Pendelhaven .

In terms of mana, Golgari Rot Farm is definitely too slow. Woodland Cemetery is not ideal, as it doesn't come in untapped turn one, but it is a reasonable alternative. Fetches and shocks are of course great, but Blooming Marsh is a good choice too. Lands 1-3 are typically far more important than anything else for Infect.

My final suggestion for now would be to put Deathmark and Surgical Extraction in the sideboard, unless your local meta is particularly skewed. Even then, you should probably focus on your own plan more than disrupting other people's with infect.

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