Destroy target green or white creature.

Deathmark Discussion

Murphy77 on M Red M

4 months ago

Thanks for your comment Deathmark

Yeah, I tend to agree, Claim the Firstborn is great in the first 3 turns, then becomes a bit 'meh'. Electrostatic Field becomes more important in the long game.

Zimmo on Infect

6 months ago

ContrapuntalAnt thank you, I'll put Deathmark and Surgical Extraction in the sideboard while I'll add 2x Might of Old Krosa and 4x Vines of Vastwood in order to protect my creatures from removal and eventually boost up creatures. I don't know what to remove from the sideboard except for the Golgari Rot Farm .

ContrapuntalAnt on Infect

6 months ago

As it is you're probably right in thinking that the deck is too slow. Infect is typically aggro/combo, and gets quick wins in through pump spells. Scale Up is great, but consider some of the following as well:

You don't indicate what sort of budget you're looking at. On the more expensive side, options for your land base include Inkmoth Nexus and Pendelhaven .

In terms of mana, Golgari Rot Farm is definitely too slow. Woodland Cemetery is not ideal, as it doesn't come in untapped turn one, but it is a reasonable alternative. Fetches and shocks are of course great, but Blooming Marsh is a good choice too. Lands 1-3 are typically far more important than anything else for Infect.

My final suggestion for now would be to put Deathmark and Surgical Extraction in the sideboard, unless your local meta is particularly skewed. Even then, you should probably focus on your own plan more than disrupting other people's with infect.

ThatOneMfer on Don't Litter, Recycle

8 months ago

Deathmark I used to have Krenko in this build back when I played it post War. He was a glass cannon. If he worked, he was spectacular. If he didn't, it was a waste of the 3cmc slot. And honestly, he didn't work the majority of the time. He is a lightning rod for any kind of removal, bounce, etc. Any good player will make Krenko priority on removal. Legionnaire is a house in this deck. Easily becomes your main win-con in a lot of games. Thanks for the comment, and the +1.

forneyt on Vexing Devil Burn

1 year ago

I'm not sure if you have any specific budget, but Deathmark should definitely be switched out for Fatal Push if you are going to keep removal in your sideboard, as it hits a much larger percent of Modern creatures and is an instant. My first suggestion would be to remove all the basic swamps from your deck and replace them with 4 spells. Since your average cmc is about 1, 24 lands is way too many and you will most likely flood every match. I would replace them with Abbot of Keral Keep because it fits well with your reanimator theme and helps you dig through your deck for more damage, plus it has prowess so he can be a decent beatstick as well if your opponents don't keep an eye on it. A fun card could be the newish Olivia, Mobilized for War, as she can give Vexing Devil +1/+1 and haste for the small price of a discarded card AFTER your opponent decides whether or not to take the damage. However, she does cost 3, so it may be awkward to play her. Instead of Spike Jester, I would put in either Shattering Spree (against Affinity), and instead of Rain of Gore I would put in Skullcracks because they aren't dead cards if your opponents end up not gaining life. That's all I can think of right now, otherwise this deck looks really fun to play!

FancyTuesday on can I play the amonkhet ...

1 year ago

As Boza said the emphasis is on mana symbols in casting cost and rules text, excluding reminder text. Naming other colors does not affect color identity. For example, you can run Deathmark in a mono-black deck even though it mentions White and Green, and you can also run Crypt Ghast even though the keyword ability Exploit includes in its description a .

But there is something else color identity checks: color indicators. This is a colored circle to the left of the type field in cards that have no mana cost and faces of cards that don't have mana costs, and was formally rules text that said "this card is [color]." This doesn't matter in cases like Pact of Negation because the rules text goes on to include mana symbols, but remains of some importance for cards like Kobolds of Kher Keep.

Atrabilogie on {U/W} Control

1 year ago

Also, I doubt that this could be an option but I know an interesting card that can synergise well with this deck.

Momentary Blink

It can be used to trigger Torrential Gearhulk and Reflector Mage abilities.

This Momentary Blink can actually be a counterspell through Torrential Gearhulk, if you choose Unwind or Rewind, it actually untaps more lands than you've used. That's very helpful to cast a full powered Sphinx's Revelation at your opponent's endphase.

I'm new here so let me just relink you correctly my decklist :

3 Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir

1 Skeletal Vampire

1 Dralnu, Lich Lord

2 Dreadship Reef

1 Underground River

3 Dimir Aqueduct

9 Island

2 Swamp

3 Desert

3 Drowned Catacomb

4 Rune Snag

3 Spell Snare

4 Rewind

4 Think Twice

4 Mystical Teachings

1 Seize the Soul

3 Mana Leak

1 Cancel

4 Repeal

1 Cremate

1 Last Gasp

1 Sudden Death


3 Persecute

4 Deathmark

1 Slay

1 Seize the Soul

1 Trickbind

2 Moonlight Bargain

1 Spell Snare

1 Dreadship Reef

1 Darkblast

Things I added :


Hero's Downfall

Wrexial, the Risen Deep (not very strong but cool card)

Venser, Shaper Savant

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