An ixalan take on an explosive izzet spellslinger deck. Cycling through cantrips, dropping undercosted threats, and finishing off with some good ol' burn to the dome.

The card choices:

Riddleform has seemed like a build around from the day it was spoiled, and it's proven itself to be a very powerful card when combined with enough enablers. In multiples it can make for very explosive starts and also dodges sorcery speed removal. The late game scry is icing on the cake.

Enigma Drake fits very well here as a top end, and is a bomb any time it hits the board. It can grow extremely fast even if you're forced to play it on t3 with the addition of the cantrips and looting. I've always felt that it's main weakness is that it forces you to play so many noncreature spells that your opponents removal piles up in hand. My solution is to add in 3 copies of Siren Stormtamer.

As the only one drop Siren Stormtamer functions as some early evasive damage, an enabler for Chart a Course , and protection for our overpowered drake. I've settled on this over Soul-Scar Mage as it makes for a slightly more resilient tempo feel.

Cryptic Serpent brings the beats, and works extremely well with Crash Through. There is the potential for this card to clog early hands but chaining spells and then jamming it for UU feels very strong.

Opt, Chart a Course , and Crash Through, form our cantrip/card draw package. These cards are necessary to ensure that Riddleform is always turned on, while filling the graveyard with spells for Enigma Drake and smoothing any questionable starts. Chart a Course is a favourite here, and worst case it's just a better Tormenting Voice.

Shock and Lightning Strike are either direct damage or removal spells, depending on what the match calls for. The ability to deal direct damage is very important here and relegates any potential Abrade to the sideboard.

Insult has proven incredibly good, turning average board states into game winning scenarios. This card puts enigma drake over the top. Injury can be extremely relevant, offer a little more late-game reach, and has nice synergy with Chart a Course .

Unsummon is a versatile tempo card or a second chance at life for a late game Enigma Drake. It can also make for some very nice swings when enabling a sneaky Riddleform block.

Vance's Blasting Cannons   and Ramunap Ruins form our late game backup plan if we run out of gas, giving that little bit extra when we need it.

The deck is incredibly explosive and certainly fun to play, it's not unheard of to be sending 50 damage in when using insult, and it has the potential to race many decks. While maybe not quite a top tier deck this is my favourite style of magic to play and is fairly cheap to build.

I've been considering adding green for Attune with Aether, Blossoming Defense and Deeproot Champion, but as of now the deck feels fine and I'm not sure I want to spend the money, though these cards are extremely powerful here.

The sideboard is still a work in progress, and I'm very open to suggestions here. This deck is tricky to sideboard, as it already feels like a well oiled machine. Counters don't play well with riddleform, and vs. decks like energy I'm not sure whether to focus on racing or removing their threats.

Notable exclusions and considerations:

Censor. While censor is an undeniably good card, I believe this deck benefits far more from a proactive approach, and I found myself wishing it was Crash Through more often than not. Supreme Will might still have a place, as the ability to main phase cast it to activate riddleform is notable.

Firebrand Archer just feels generally underwhelming, and is too hard to deal combat damage with. That said it's still a consideration, as opponents tend to want to leave it and those pings add up quick.

Cathartic Reunion and Tormenting Voice are cards I was running for awhile, but the deck feels fine without them and they open you up to some easy losses against counterspells.

Jace, Cunning Castaway slots in nicely here, but just doesn't seem worth the price point at the moment. Search for azcanta would also be nice but is a little pricey for my taste, and vance's blasting cannons seems like a slightly better, more budget fit offering faster gas and a more relevant flip effect.

Any feedback or upvotes are greatly appreciated! I feel that this deck will be a fun wild card to bring to fnm, especially as the format develops.


Updates Add

-1 mountain, -3 island, +1 Ramunap Ruins , +3 Ipnu Rivulet .

Decided to add more deserts, as many a game have been lost hoping to topdeck a burn spell. Even pulled off a win by milling myself to squeeze in two more points of damage with Enigma Drake .

I've been very impressed with the deck lately, pulled off a 3-0 and then a 4-0 at fnm vs. some very competitive lists.

The biggest difficulty I'm having is deciding how all-in to go with Riddleform . It doesn't play well with counters at all, but the deck still seems to get much better after bringing in Negate and Spell Pierce . I suppose it's the upside vs. consistency debate, and any insight here would be much appreciated. Always looking for sideboard help too.

Fling in particular is the card I'm looking at lately, after just barely beating a U/W cycling deck, struggling to get past a board of 2/2 drakes.



84% Competitive