So the basic principle is to outlast, outgrind, and outpace your opponent. Cycling is a criminally undervalued mechanic by those who have never used it and it goes a long way towards sealing the deal on a match.

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This deck functions around cycling and discarding cards for card advantage and extra effects. The ability to cycle away a dead card is deceptively strong. The plan revolves around being able to reliably kill anything threatening the opponent plays to keep the board clear. In addition to the cyclers we also have a few wheel effects and several draw spells. We win through our big creatures or by out-valuing the opponent with our horde of drakes.

Early Game

At this stage we're extremely reactive, feel free to counter creatures or spells with Censor as it'll be most effective here. Other than that, use our numerous cheap kill spells to keep the board free. Anything that can kill a 4 toughness creature should be saved until you know you aren't playing against Copycat, after that keep the board clear but make sure the creature is worth the kill spell. Running out of cards is very dangerous for any control deck and we want to avoid that.

Mid Game

Here we want to focus on getting an engine online, Drake Haven is important to get out by turn 3-5, especially against Copycat due to the necessity of holding up mana. After we have an engine online we can begin to operate almost solely on their end step because of cycling. If they've managed to get out a swarm I start digging for either Sweltering Suns or Archfiend of Ifnir to manage their board. Cathartic Reunion becomes most useful here but I have used it before to decent effect

Late Game

By this stage we should have a fairly decent control of the game, wheeling our hand with Chandra, Flamecaller is insanely devastating and our creatures should be overwhelming the board. Attack with the token army for victory.

As the meta settles I'll post more sideboarding tips, I'm still iffy on how a couple decks will play out but the sideboard is fairly obvious. Trespasser's Curse against swarms and Copycat, By Force against artifact heavy ones, Scarab Feast against graveyard decks, Faith of the Devoted against foggers and as a hedge against Lost Legacy, Negate and Essence Scatter as need, etc. etc.

Cards That Will Not Be Put In

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pickelchu says... #1

I don't know why you don't have Faith of the Devoted mainboard, in some ways it's a bit better than drake haven because it's cheaper and it's a 4 point life swing each time. I would suggest adding it mainboard even if you only add one.

April 24, 2017 8:42 p.m.

Zaueski says... #2

@pickelchu: It isn't mainboard because it doesn't make blockers. 4 point life swing is great up until you're swarmed out by any number of creature based decks. Our board wipe is extremely limited and so we need to be able to play defense against their creatures. Against non-creature based decks they come in but as creature-based dominates the meta currently, I'll stick with the blockers.

April 24, 2017 8:51 p.m.

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