"To care for yourself, cultivate the world. To care for the world, cultivate yourself."

Main idea: drop lands to proliferate, have proliferate benefit many cards.

Any advice and/or tips is always helpful.


Not a lot of common cards have proliferate. The ones we can use are Bloom Hulk , Pollenbright Druid and Courage in Crisis .

+1/+1 counters

This would the core mechanic of the deck. Bear in mind that for example a Giant Growth does not give your creature a +3/+3 counter. Still, there are some options available.

+1/+1 counters
Standard +1/+1 creatures is Jade Bearer . Pollenbright Druid is an awesome card in this deck. We also have Ainok Guide , Ivy Lane Denizen and Frostweb Spider . Simic Initiate and Cytospawn Shambler have graft. Other spells are Hunt the Weak , Arbor Armament , Courage in Crisis , Mutant's Prey and Thrive .

Explore is a very useful ability as it gives +1/+1 counters and makes draw possible land.
The Ixalan block gave us Ixalli's Diviner and Tishana's Wayfinder in common.

There is also the bolster ability with Pinion Feast . Sauroform Hybrid has adapt. Longshot Squad has outlast.

Spike Colony and Spike Worker are great +1/+1 generators.

infect & poison

Proliferate generates more poison counters on opponent(s) and -1/-1 counters on creatures.- list text here

Blight Mamba , Blightwidow , Cystbearer , Glistener Elf , Rot Wolf , Tel-Jilad Fallen and Viridian Betrayers all have infect. Sabertooth Cobra has poison counters, with a possibility to get an additional poison counter. To get through your opponents defences, you can use a Viridian Longbow . Make sure you be as agressive in the early game as possible giving as many players at least one poison counter as possible (though this make draw some attention when too successful).

Pistus Strike can give the extra counter.

Landdrops (and accelerators)

These cards make sure the commander ability is triggered. There are quite some options to choose from. I tried to find the ones with two lands or any other bonus.

Cultivate , Map the Wastes , Arboreal Grazer , Ainok Guide , Renewal , Far Wanderings , Evolution Charm , Fertilid , Yavimaya Elder , Harrow , Llanowar Scout , Greenseeker and Skyshroud Claim .

to graveyard/hand cycle

These cards get lands into your graveyard or hand to let them be played again.

Renewal , Fork in the Road , Harrow , Rogue Elephant , Bull Elephant , Quirion Ranger . Quirion Ranger will also be helpful for cards like Viridian Longbow and Greenseeker

Stoic Builder and Groundskeeper will get you lands from the gravevard.


Finally, after 26 years I can put Thallids to good use :+). Thallids also work with counters and should become quite powerful fast.

Thallid , Vitaspore Thallid , Thallid Germinator and Thallid Shell-Dweller all create spore counters to create tokens. Thallid Devourer can eat them (though the +1/+2 is not a counter).

Sporoloth Ancient is a Thallid in its own way.

X cmc

With all that land we have an Ivy Elemental and a Slime Molding as a one time mana sink.


Viridian Longbow and Whispersilk Cloak are mainly in the deck for infect.


The amount of land is still in beta. On average people say that you have to use between 37-40 lands without mana accelerators. This deck has many fetchers, so I can be on the lower end. Not too low, however, as lands also provide proliferate.


edit: I found an earlier variation on this theme here.


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