Creature — Vedalken Wizard

As Realmwright enters the battlefield, choose a basic land type.Lands you control are the chosen type in addition to their other types.

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Realmwright Discussion

Dennis14 on W/U Emeria Titan

1 week ago

What do you think about Sage of Epityr for early blocking/top deck rearranging ?

Also what about Realmwright and choosing to make every land you have a Plains ?

A single copy of Aven Mimeomancer sounds interesting too, for shrinking large opposing creatures or turning your own Walls and Missionaries into evasive threats in the late game.
Is it a good idea to add him ?

Some other card options that I wanted to ask about:

Judge's Familiar, early flier that can slow down spell decks, attack or chump.
Gideon's Lawkeeper, another 1-drop option to help control the board.

Condescend and Hindering Light, can they work in this deck ?

Reality Acid, can be flickered and recovered by S.Titan, can it be useful or is it too clunky ?

Ghostway, Kor Skyfisher, Stonehorn Dignitary and Mangara of Corondor, are they of any use here ?

Venser, Shaper Savant, it's a 4-drop but can deal with a variety of situations in instant speed.

Weathered Wayfarer, for mana ramping (works with Ghost Quarter and Path to Exile).

Deathstroke2791 on Melek, Kinko's Paragon

1 month ago

I just thought of a simple solution to your High Tide conundrum.


criss205 on G/R Curio

3 months ago

its alright, been trying to force Realmwright to be a combo piece, much to my disappointment phasing doesn't create etb triggers and because there's no other way to bounce you lands besides Ghostly Flicker the deck has stalled. Shimmer was the combo piece in question btw.


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Rare

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