My first commander deck using Unhinged/Unglued/Unstable cards. Let the craziness begin!

The Clock Turners

Mr. Von Count is a great example of a commander with a unique ability (regardless if it is an Un-card). When this happens it increases the value of a certain group of cards. Suddenly cards we would never give the light of day to Lava Zombie or Null Champion are actual game-changers. These guys are just a few of the “clock turners” that are the main theme of the deck—-cards that have 3+ numbers within their text box. Chandra, Pyrogenius, Blast from the Past, Atarka Efreet are good examples of cards with 4 different numbers. Then there are cards that go for the throat: Nirkana Cutthroat, Stormcrag Elemental, Urza's Science Fair Project, and the very best in the deck Goblin Tutor.

The Resonator

One of the other keys of the deck is getting Strionic Resonator out to have the ability to copy EITHER trigger of Baron Von Count. You can activate it on the countdown to zero to trigger multiple kills or trigger the actual count down another step (to move it faster) whichever works for the scenario. Use it wisely!

Eventually I will be adding in cards like Scultping Steel that will be able to copy the resonator for more shenanigans.

More to come...!



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