Siani, Eye of the Storm

Siani, Eye of the Storm

Legendary Creature — Djinn Monk


Whenever Siani, Eye of the Storm attacks, scry X, where X is the number of attacking creatures with flying.

Partner (You can have two commanders if both have partner.)

Siani, Eye of the Storm Discussion

MillerBrewing on Ardenn-Esior Caw Blade [Pauper EDH] "Contest Deck"

5 months ago

I'm new to PDH, and I'm working on my first deck, so I don't know if I have much to contribute at the moment. Also, I'm not really tweaking this deck, but instead creating a new deck with a different partner for Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist.

I actually came to Ardenn by mistake. I read somewhere that scry was one of the most powerful things that can be done in pauper, and I suspect that is true. I found Siani, Eye of the Storm and Eligeth, Crossroads Augur from another site, not realizing that Eligeth has always been printed as a rare, and so illegal for PDH. But before I dumped the brew, I looked around for a new partner for Siani, and came up with Ardenn.

Siani and Ardenn have never been combined before, as far as I can tell. But they seem to have some synergies. Both contribute enchantments. For instance, I'm thinking about using Ardenn to move a blue enchanment from a creature to a commander. Both colors contribute flyers that Siani can use. White looks to contribute some blue combos. So I didn't set out to build an Azorius deck, but that's where I am.

gavriel1136 on Balancing my 2 decks against …

8 months ago

It's really funny you say that! The two decks I have, which I usually play with my GF are Siona, Captain of the Pyleas with an emphasis on token production, and partners Eligeth, Crossroads Augur + Siani, Eye of the Storm with an emphasis on flying and scrying!

Skinken on

1 year ago

Birds is a surprisingly well supported tribe, and flying tribal has been getting a fair bit of support recently. So building birds in commander can be both fun and powerful because you can combine old and new cards.

A creature has to be a Legendary creature to be legal as your commander. The classic option for birds would be Kangee, Aerie Keeper . Some other options that are more "Flying tribal" than bird tribal could be Kangee, Sky Warden (a very budget-friendly option), Isperia the Inscrutable , Akim, the Soaring Wind , Derevi, Empyrial Tactician or Alela, Artful Provocateur .

Now you should decide whether you want cards that support having Birds specifically: Aven Brigadier , Celestial Gatekeeper , Crookclaw Elder , Seaside Haven , Soulcatchers' Aerie , Airborne Aid , Migratory Route , Animal Sanctuary etc. Or if you just want cheap flyers that may or may not be birds and just play flying tribal: Battle Screech , Favorable Winds , Gravitational Shift , Gust of Wind , Island Sanctuary , Kangee's Lieutenant , Lofty Denial , Pride of the Clouds , Rally of Wings , Sephara, Sky's Blade , Siani, Eye of the Storm , Skycat Sovereign , Soulcatcher , The Raven's Warning , Thunderclap Wyvern , Tide Skimmer , Warden of Evos Isle , Watcher of the Spheres , Waterkin Shaman , Windstorm Drake , Winged Words , Battle Screech .

Your list has a lot of pretty bad cards that don't support your strategy. I would cut Healing Salve , Resupply , Take Up Arms , Call to Mind , Survival Cache , Refurbish (has 4 targets in your deck and no matter what you get you pay more mana than you should), Siegecraft etc. Pure lifegain spells are bad unless you build around them, and this is supposed to be a bird/flying deck right? Cards that make tokens without flying are not great because your lords and synergy don't make them better. So even though Raise the Alarm is a solid magic card, you would prolly rather have like a Mistral Charger because you can build synergy around it.

Removal is always good. You can almost never have too much of it. However, if you are really cool, you can try to play removal and card draw that is flavorful and synergistic as well: Ravenform , Wing Shards , Aerial Assault , Swan Song , Winged Words , Gust of Wind , Lofty Denial . Also, sol ring is great but more ramp is usually a good idea in commander, and Azorius Keyrune is also a bird!

Good luck with the screechy dudes!

PyroSwardsman on Yuriko Test

1 year ago

The deck is looking pretty good. I like the creature base you have chosen, there are a couple questionable creatures though. Cloudreader Sphinx seems kind of bad in this deck. If you just want a flying scryer, perhaps Sphinx of Foresight, Prognostic Sphinx, Stormwing Entity, or Siani, Eye of the Storm.

Passwall Adept is just not good enough. its too much of a resource drain. Opt is not helpful in this deck since you immediately draw the card after scrying. Cunning Evasion wont do much good I am thinking since most of your creatures wont be blocked anyway.

In my opinion, you need a few less low CMC cards and a few more high CMC that you can use to get Yuriko damage in. For cuts, I would start by looking at any creatures that cost CMC 2/3 that dont provide value other than being unblockable (Invisible Stalker, Vault Skirge (love that card btw). I would then look at replacing sorceries with instants where possible. Darksteel Pendant and Crystal Ball are not good enough in my opinion and are too much of a resource investment unless there is some sort of artifact strategy I am missing. Dimir Keyrune provides interesting utility but is inefficient. Consider Arcane Signet instead or perhaps even Dark Ritual. Thran Dynamo is fairly efficient for cost to mana provided but it seems most of your mana needs are for color. Key to the City is for yuriko after she is out I assume.. I would probably run Aqueous Form instead because it has a scry effect on attack which is pretty desirable.

Here are some cards to consider in not much particular order:

Zhalfirin Void

Moonring Island

Chromatic Orrery (high cmc and provides a lot of mana)

Mission Briefing (can add card to graveyard for delve and recast Brainstorm which is arguably one of the best cards in the deck)


Chain of Vapor (way to return a card to hand as well as an opponents card or cards)

Archaeomancer (can get brainstorm back and can be returned to hand with ninjitsu potentially)

Harsh Scrutiny

Shrieking Drake

Archetype of Imagination

Flood of Tears (this is a pet card of mine. You can return a bunch of cheap creatures and then put out something big like a Chromatic Orrery)

Lim-Dul's Vault

Scroll Rack (spendy but so good)


Spire Owl

Diabolic Vision


Spy Network

Trickery Charm (does multiple things you want)

Beseech the Queen

The Magic Mirror

The Cauldron of Eternity

Deep-Sea Kraken

Avatar of Woe

Void Beckoner

Dead Drop


Curse of the Cabal

Connive / Concoct

Grozoth (requires you to build around it to be worthwhile but can be good)

Scion of Darkness

Treasure Cruise

Baral's Expertise

1empyrean on Dimir Tevesh

1 year ago

Well, I'm working on a Golgari Tevesh Szat deck, myself, so I have some thoughts. I really don't think you can completely avoid aristocrats. Maybe this idea is just dumb, but why not try a Dimir flying deck with Siani, Eye of the Storm. It works with your Thrummingbird idea.

Making-a-new-account-Hopefully-I-can-get-my-old-Username on Flying high

1 year ago

looks dope, dude! how about Inniaz, the Gale Force just to fuck with people? maybe Siani, Eye of the Storm for great card selection. Watcher of the Spheres can bring down the cost of your dudes, and Thunderclap Wyvern is another lord. Can't have too many lords ;) stay frosty!

JANKYARD_DOG on My Opinion on New Partners

1 year ago

Siani, Eye of the Storm + Alharu, Solemn Ritualist could make for an interesting flying token blink deck. Whether or not its competitive or pure jank is another question entirely.

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