The thing I want from a mill deck, is Mill very, very, fast. Thanks to Fraying Sanity we can optimize every single milling card, so I put in the deck 2x of Thought Scour and 2x of Breaking / Entering . I prefer Breaking / Entering instead of Mind Funeral because I prefer to be sure of milling 8 card instead of take the risk to mill from 4 to 15 paying 3 mana. Obviously there are the "base" card of every good mill deck: like Mesmeric Orb , Glimpse the Unthinkable , Hedron Crab , Visions of Beyond and Archive Trap . I put in the deck 2x of Inquisition of Kozilek because you always want to know what your opponent has in his hand. Manic Scribe is a card that I like a lot, delirium is easy to activate, thanks to Mesmeric Orb and can be useful to block creatures. In sideboard we have 2x of Set Adrift useful versus Leyline of Sanctity , 3x Ravenous Trap for the big old Emrakul, the Aeons Torn ,another Extirpate and the third Crypt Incursion . To survive vs aggro I run 2x Profane Memento . And of course we have some removal, like Fatal Push and Dismember .


Updates Add

Sorry for my inactivity from november until today. Anyways I did some tournaments and I had the possibility to test lots of differents variants of this deck, so I decided to do a big upgrade to my list: I putted in the deck 2x of Scheming Symmetry to test them, because I think they can do a really good work with Archive Trap , so I decided to add a third copy of Mission Briefing to cast multiple traps in a turn and to have the possibility to search my traps with Scheming Symmetry and cast them with Mission Briefing or draw them with Visions of Beyond . I removed a Manic Scribe in order to add a Ashiok, Dream Render mainboard because in my local meta there are lots of hookag and phoenix decks and casue it works well with Field of Ruin if we want to stop our opponent from searching for basics lands or if he wants to use his fetches. Because of this, i decided to add the 4th copy of Field of Ruin and I removed the Bloodstained Mire I have also moved a Fatal Push from the mainboard to the sideboard and I added mainboard a Murderous Cut . I moved the 2 copies of Collective Brutality in sideboard and an card:Ensaring bridge too, because there is the risk of not having enough time to cast it and make it work. In sideboard we have lots of changes too: I removed a Dismember bc I moved a push to the side and Dismember can make us lose lots of life, so one copy is enough, the 2 copies of Profane Memento , too slow. Winds of Rebuke goes away too. We say goodbye to a copy of Hurkyl's Recall too. We need space in our sidebord to add the 2 Collective Brutality , 1 card:Ensaring bridge and the Fatal Push that we have moved from the main to the sideboard. We need other space to add 2 more Extirpate and another Ashiok, Dream Render . So I removed a Set Adrift and the Crypt Incursion . Never stop milling our opponents!!