In its first iteration, the deck was purposely built to be wacky and chaotic, with little to no intent to actually winning the game. The majority of cards had some random effects that drastically change the way the game is played, although I had purposely tried to avoid cards explicitly naming coins and dice, which sometimes are not easily available. Due to the high average Mana cost and the shortage of Red permanent Mana acceleration throughout Magic’s history, a number of artifact-based ramp was included. A strong Red Planeswalkers subtheme was featured: while this started as a personal preference, it became a consistent theme, purely for the fun of it. I mean, there is something special about running some of the worst Planeswalkers for Commander purposes. This is were the deck started changing, featuring consistently more Planeswalkers and slightly turning away from the original theme of pure chaos. Overall, the deck now plays as a middle point between the two themes. The end result is a sort of Planechase deck, with the additional bonus of being actually piloted by a player, who can time the chaos throughout the game to ensure weird shenanigans provide some unpredictable fun at the right moment.


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