Note: I am sure that there are builds like this which are much more cohesive. I am proud to take claim to this brew, however. There was no netdecking involved in this, nor will there be.

The Game Plan:

The deck functions somewhere between midrange and combo. Nearly every card has synergy with all the others, excluding the few disruption spells.

During the course of a game, there are two engines which the deck looks to assemble:

The idea of "Loam Assault" is not a new concept in modern. However, most deck lists I have seen containing the combo are nothing more than your average Jund deck running a few Seismic Assault s and a couple Loams. I felt if there were any deck to take full advantage of Assault, it was this one.

So, let me talk to you about value.

Firstly, I will point out that, while The Gitrog Monster does die to various removal spells (gasp), it actually dodges many of the common answers seen in modern. Lightning Bolt and Dismember both lose much of their appeal against a 6/6 body.

When paired with the rest of the deck, The Gitrog acts as a catalyst which, if left unanswered, will enable some wonderful shinnanigans:

  • A). Dredge. Crack a fetch, trigger Gitrog. Using the draw trigger, dredge Life from the Loam. If you mill any other lands, you gain an additional draw trigger. Also, as a friend pointed out, the combination of The Gitrog Monster, Seismic Assault , and Dakmor Salvage allows you to discard Salvage for 2 damage, gain a draw trigger, dredge Salvage, and repeat as necessary, allowing you to deal damage of a similar number to cards in your library. Be aware that this combo is not (yet) infinite, and must be walked through step by step, accounting for the fact that you might draw out before killing your opponent!

  • B): Retrace. Rather self-explanatory, each of your Flame Jab s or your Raven's Crime in your graveyard is now a cantrip!

Please let me know any changes which you would make to this deck! My budget is rather limited (I have the entire deck, with the exception of the mana base), but I will take all suggestions into consideration.

In all honesty, I value your opinion much more highly than I do upvotes, so if you do anything while viewing this deck, lend me a piece of your mind!

Thanks for reading!



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