A Simic deck in which I cast lots of spells using Alaundo the Seer (AtS). Win cons seem to be primarily from combat, although the deck feels a touch slow to really kill multiple opponents simultaneously. Alternate routes to victory include life gain, permanents that benefit from card draw, Simic Ascendancy, and perhaps playing magic solitaire. I originally included many higher CMC cards in the deck, but was realizing that even though I don't have to pay their casting cost if I use AtS's ability, they still take a while to resolve. I have cut out some of the higher CMC spells accordingly in favor of cards that fit more in line with the aforementioned avenues to victory.


I don't think I've updated the main deck description, and this will be a place to build a more accurate description and from there to work on beautification. Please let me know any comments, concerns, suggestions, or playtesting nuances below in the comments. And thank you so much for visiting my deck and poking around!


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