Radiant Solar

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Radiant Solar

Creature — Angel

Flying, lifelink

Whenever this or another nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, venture into the dungeon.

, Discard this: Venture into the dungeon and you gain 3 life. (If you aren't venturing through a dungeon, choose one of the dungeon cards you own from outside the game, put it into the command zone and put a venture counter on the first room of that dungeon. All effects of that room trigger. When you venture into the dungeon while you have a dungeon in the command zone, advance to the next room downward of your choice and triggering all effects of that room. When you have resolved the effects of the last room of the dungeon, remove that dungeon from the game. You can only venture through one dungeon at a time.)

Phule451 on The Dungeon Initiative

5 days ago

Tortured Existence is a card that was pretty much made for a Sefris deck. Radiant Solar is a great way to race through dungeons. And Tomb of Horrors Adventurer is a spectacular pay off for finishing dungeons. Coveted Prize could be a great pay off for your Party co-theme, and speaking of your party, might I recommend an honorable warrior, Tenacious Underdog.

Stardragon on Looking for a few combos

1 week ago

Np just be aware that cards like your commander can only get into the Dungeon: Undercity, while cards like Displacer Beast can let you enter the original three dungeons. However if you have already entered the undercity any card that ventures can venture through the under city if your already there. Example you play Tomb of Horrors Adventurer gain the The Initiative than you play Bar the Gate you continue onto the the next room of the under city and so on and so forth. However if you play Radiant Solar and enter the Dungeon: Lost Mine of Phandelver and than play Ravenloft Adventurer you than enter the Undercity like normal so now your in the Mine and City so the next you venture you choose which one to advance, I generally feel like the second one is not as good as focusing on a single dungeon but it happens more than like to admit since i've mixed Venture and Initiative into my deck

drinkthewave on Lover of Shiny Things [A Primer]

1 month ago

Nice work so far! I’ve been looking at a more combo plan, with Defense of the Heart or Pod effects that should put 2 exile target creature effects on board to create a loop with Lagrella. From there I’m looking for creatures that check etbs that end the game. There’s Sage's Row Denizen, Radiant Solar, Suture Priest, Altar of the Brood. Of course there are lots of infinite life creatures but that doesn’t win you the game. The other slots are probably going to be value pieces and interaction, seeing as we’re going for a creature combo win green’s creature tutors should get us there. White’s stax should slow the faster decks, while blue gives us necessary protection. One big problem is the lack of card advantage in the command zone so we’ll have to dedicate more slots for engines.

ZaberFangAT on Do extra copies of abilities …

1 month ago

The specific example I'm thinking of is if I have a Panharmonicon and a Radiant Solar. If I play Plaguecrafter, do I have to have the two Plaguecrafter triggers next to each other on the stack (PC,PC,RS,RS), or can I stack them separately (e.g. PC,RS,RS,PC)?

multimedia on Dungeon

7 months ago

Hey, nice budget upgrade of the precon.

Tortured Existence is a repeatable discard effect to trigger Sefris to venture on each player's turn for one mana each time as long as you have at least one creature in your graveyard and one creature in your hand to repeatedly loop discard/recur. Existence + Radiant Solar to venture two times on each player's turn for and Solar can put itself into your graveyard from your hand to enable Existence. Cycling creatures are also helpful to enable Existence. Existence is a reanimation enabler that you can activate at instant speed to abuse Sefris's Create Undead effect.

Viscera Seer + Reassembling Skeleton combo to trigger Sefris to venture on each player's turn for two mana each time. Can also pair Seer with Ashen Rider for a repeatable effect of Rider dying, to get Rider back into your graveyard to reanimate again with Sefris's Create Undead effect. Apprentice Necromancer also combos with Rider since Rider will die at the next end step.

Sun Titan + Apprentice Necromancer for repeatable reanimation of any 3 CMC or less permanents for only one mana. When Titan is reanimated by Necromancer it can reanimate Necromancer and Necromancer gives Titan haste when it reanimates it. Do this interaction on your turn, each time for one mana.

If reanimation is the main theme then consider a few more effects to setup? Loot is draw and then discard which triggers Sefris to venture and it gives good control over what cards you discard. Consider more loot?

Vile Entomber can search for and put any card into your graveyard to setup reanimation.

If interested I offer more advice including cuts to consider. Good luck with your deck.

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