Ogre Marauder

Ogre Marauder

Creature — Ogre Warrior

Whenever Ogre Marauder attacks, it gains "Ogre Marauder can't be blocked" until end of turn unless defending player sacrifices a creature.

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Ogre Marauder Discussion

5dollarMTG on $5 Black Aggro

2 years ago

Thanks Skulloelegy! Predator's Gambit is just in there as an Unholy Strength that can occasionally help Ogre Marauder get through. Demonic Vigor is a great card though - I actually prefer it to Infernal Scarring , which would also open the two-drop spot for Dark Favor . I'll probably keep at least a few Supernatural Stamina in there though - unlike Demonic Vigor, it keeps your creature out on the board and can also just be a Shock to finish off the game.

SpookyToe on $5 Black Aggro

2 years ago

I didn't even know Ogre Marauder existed, what a sweet card. Thanks for this list my dude

JPlayah on Black Plague

2 years ago

HalbrechtHalbrecht, thanks for the insight. Dark Prophecy is definitely something I'm considering. I'll probably pick up some copies when I get a chance and do some more playtesting. Vampiric Rites is certainly an option as well. I just need to figure out if the mana cost is worth gaining 1 life instead of losing 1.

As for Bloodchief Ascension , I was looking into the rules when I got my Forbidden Orchard s and I think it does actually work. From what I read, tokens that die do hit the graveyard, then are removed from the game as a state-based action. If you found some official rules that state otherwise, please point me to them.

Viscera Seer looks absolutely amazing and I'll definitely be checking out that card. Zulaport Cutthroat also looks nice. It's a pity that it only works with your creatures and not the opponent's, but at 2 CMC and with 1 power vs. the 0 on Blood Artist , it's worth a look.

I won't lie, getting the Bloodchief Ascension s stacked sometimes takes time. I usually get attacks in via flying tokens from Bitterblossom and Bloodline Keeper  Flip (also my prime targets for equipping Mask of Memory , so I get good dual-use from them). It's true that a single Bitterblossom token won't get the job done, but two of them will. Still, it wouldn't hurt for me to consider swapping cards to add something deadlier. I've built up quite a collection of black cards while developing this deck. Fun examples include Ogre Marauder , Dauthi Slayer , and Blind Zealot . If you have more suggestions for creatures or other effects for easily delivering that 2 life loss, I'm all ears.

As for Elixir of Immortality , I've had dozens of games where it's saved my life in the early-mid game against aggro decks, allowing me to pull out a win later when I finish assembling my engine. Having that 5 life on demand is not to be underestimated, and the dual purpose of shuffling your graveyard back into your library stops mill decks and even has a little synergy with Beseech the Queen in the rare case where all four copies of something have made it into your graveyard. It also mitigates the negative impact of discarding, when that's a factor.

Long story short, I appreciate your other advice, but experience has taught me to never give up those elixirs.

greatdevourer on What is Best in Life?

3 years ago

Consider dropping the following: Derevi, Empyrial Tactician - not a Warrior Boros Signet, Selesnya Signet & Gruul Signet - weak color fixing and better use of sleeves.
Bident of Thassa - not sure, seems kinda weak but it may be better in your deck.
Bear Umbra - cute aura, but aura's are weak in multipler unless your playing aura voltron.
Sosuke, Son of Seshiro - you aren't making snakes. I know that the destroy a creature is nice, but deathtouch does effectively the same thing.

Warriors to consider:
Mardu Woe-Reaper, Skarrgan Pit-Skulk, Wild Nacatl, Blood-Chin Fanatic, Ogre Marauder, Brutal Hordechief, Drumhunter, Wolfir Silverheart
Glistener Elf - for those times when you really HAVE to but don't want to.....
Patriarch's Bidding - the best tribal recursion spell
Bloodsoaked Champion & Reassembling Skeleton - skullclamp or chump block all day long.
Surrak Dragonclaw & Yasova Dragonclaw - Because why not?
Imperious Perfect & Nacatl War-Pride - tokens!
Brion Stoutarm - fling!
Cliffhaven Vampire - this could be a combo piece....
Herald of Secret Streams - ahahahahahahaha Bramblewood Paragon has a best friend

There are more Warriors to consider, but I wanted to focus on some utility that you may have overlooked.
Here are some lands you may have overlooked: Unclaimed Territory, Opal Palace, Reflecting Pool

Tregs05 on Need some help

4 years ago


So I've had a look through and I've committed to the following;
Ogre Marauder
Thoughtpicker Witch
Traitorous Blood
Bone Splinters

I am going to have a look through and get rid of some of the higher powered cards, the demons, legendary creatures etc and hopefully that'll make it better to play.I already have Act of Treason so i'll put those in too which should help with the destroying of creatures

hyperlocke on Ogre Marauder Vs. Shambling goblin

5 years ago

Please ask rules questions in the Rules Q&A linked in the top bar in the future.

Here's what happens in the attack step:

  1. You attack with Ogre Marauder. It triggers.
  2. The ability goes on the stack. The active player gets priority, spells and abilities can be played.
  3. The Marauder's ability resolves. Your opponent chooses to sacrifice Shambling Goblin. He doesn't even need another creature to do so.
  4. The Goblin's ability goes on the stack, targetting the Marauder.
  5. The ability resolves. The Marauder is now a 2/0 creature.
  6. State-Based Actions are checked. The Marauder dies.
  7. After you and your opponent passed priority, the Declare Blockers step begins.

Sylo on Ogre Marauder Vs. Shambling goblin

5 years ago

IIRC, Shambling Goblin's ability will resolve first, placing -1/-1 counter on Ogre Marauder killing it at the declare blockers step as a SBA so no damage would be dealt.

Toptube on Ogre Marauder Vs. Shambling goblin

5 years ago

Need some help with stack order on this matchup.

Let's say Ogre Marauder attacks an opponent who has Shambling Goblin and at least one other creature out, on the board.They choose to sacrifice Shambling Goblin to pay the cost, as detailed on Ogre Marauder's card, in order to make their other creature eligible as a blocker.

Does Ogre Marauder get a chance to hit their other creature? or does Shambling Goblin's -1/-1 death effect, hit Ogre Marauder, before he hits the other creature?