Mono-black cancer that wins the game by making everyone sacrifice their creatures and draining their life.

I've been developing this deck for years and I hope to take it into the competitive scene one day.

An important thing about this deck's development is that the cards all need to have tight synergy for the deck to work optimally. As such, optimizing the deck isn't just a matter of choosing the best cards, but rather considering "stable" sets of cards which work well together around the engine of Bloodchief Ascension and Grave Pact . This means that several variants of this deck exist, and there may be more yet to be discovered. I will post links to them here as time goes on, and work to optimize each of them. Only then can the best variants be determined. In short, optimizing this deck concept is a complicated, but very interesting process.

About the current iteration (1/4/2020):

Two things have come to my attention from playtesting: Not everyone has a creature deck, and Modern gang likes to move FAST. As a result, Grave Pact has been moved into the sideboard, and certain tools like Inquisition of Kozilek and Augur of Skulls have been added to the deck in order to "adjust" the pace of my opponent's gameplay. This provides the dual benefits of giving me time to assemble the core engine of cards and trolling my poor opponent even harder in the process.

I decided to go back to basics with this iteration. The original deck concept is to set up explosive sacrifice combos with more triggers than an SJW convention, and I felt it was straying a bit far from that, so I just redid the whole thing. I'm also trying out 22 lands instead of 24 since the mana curve is so low, and experimenting with Soul Foundry . With 16 creatures in this deck that I would just love to spam out copies of, Soul Foundry shows promise as a fantastic tool for triggering Ayara, First of Locthwain , Blood Artist , and most importantly, my opponent.

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The Infestation (-1/-1 counter and token generation abuse)

Commander Edition (Because why not grief your opponents in Commander as well?)


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Holy crap, what a card. I could tell as soon as I saw Ayara that it would be as revolutionary for my deck as Bitterblossom or Priest of Forgotten Gods. The life drain mechanic gives me power from creatures entering the battlefield, something I've never had before, and the on-demand sacrifice into card draw is absolutely fantastic. This card has perfect synergy with Bitterblossom and I have reworked my deck to try and take advantage of it.

Its activated ability seems like a leaner version of Priest of Forgotten Gods. No forced sacrifice or free mana, but it's way easier to find one creature to sacrifice than two.

I'm definitely looking for more ways to synergize with this card. Please post a comment if you have suggestions on how I can further optimize my deck list or sideboard.


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