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DukeNicky's Binder

Beware that freaknaughty IS a scammer I sent my part of our trade well over a year ago and never received mine.

If you have no vouches I ask that ship first

I LOVE promos and alternate artwork cards!!!! If you have any please point them out and we will see what happens :D Also I am always on the look for foreign cards, preferably French above all others

I also have at least one of every card for the Mirrodin Block, and Scars of Mirrodin Block. I have one of every card from Mirrodin Besieged Foiled. I have 2 Wurm tokens one with Lifelink, and the other Deathtouch which are produced by Wurmcoil Engine.

New editions: a Sealed Japanese Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra for sale or trade. A sealed English Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas for sale or trade, and a sealed Duel Decks: Venser vs Koth.

In addition to what is listed below I have the following: A Premium Deck Slivers, A Premium Deck Fire & Lightning, and A Premium Deck Graveborn

In an effort to conserve space I have made separate lists for the following:

The following are all foreign cards:

Also aside from what is posted I have no real clue what to put in the "Want" section so feel free to offer and we'll see what happens :) Special wants are 4x FNM Evolving Wilds and 4x MBS Game Day Black Sun's Zenith

Good un-upgraded traders -

PhageTheUnbeatable, UmbrotheUmbreon, VideoSayg, bayushi (I personally know him irl and trust him, he's a great friend), Jmickey701, the3rdH0kage

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.
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+1 Phenax, God of Deception have