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Olivia's vampires

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olivia steels cratures and turns them into vampires so when i get vampiric fury then all my creatures have first strike and +2/+0



jorjo10 says... #1

Hi,I've got EDH built od Olivia and it is working quite good I think. If you're open to some suggestion, read more.This deck could be good, but in a group of my friends who have EDH it could be weakest than their decks. If you wanna spend some money on this deck, I've got for you some suggestions.Creatures like Pulse Tracker are good at quick decks where you have 4 copies of that card, but in EDH not. Imagine you get it on your hand in 6th round. This shall be not the card you wanna see, believe me. But what about card like Sheoldred, Whispering One ? This is very strong card in EDH. So, rather than have EDH with creatures that are only Vampires, built to your deck some creatures with other creature types. And in EDH, basicly, cards with high CMC are more stronger than creatures with low CMC.So, now we have EDH with strong creatures. How do we get them into play quickly? Try, for example, Cabal Coffers , Sol Ring or other cards like that.But EDH has 99 cards + general. Quite small chance to get them. So, let's tutor for them! You may use cards like Diabolic Tutor or Liliana Vess .

EDH games are originally longer than games in T2, so, rather than Lightning Bolt , try card:Red Sun's Zenith. This sall be much better. And you may try also card:Black Sun's Zenith. Really good way how to destroy enemy creatures, or, make from them for the rest of the game much weakest creatures, at least.

And, do not forget that your enemies will try to kill your general, so, use cards like Swiftfoot Boots or Whispersilk Cloak .

You've got lots of ways how to get this EDH better, Olivia is good general. And some of them are not so expensive ;-).

I hope my experiencis with Olivia will help you :-)Sorry for mistakes, English isn't my native language.

August 24, 2012 4:12 p.m.

Afroknight9 says... #2

this could work very well, but one thing. you used Guul Draz Vampire twice, or can only have of every card. Might I suggest Stromkirk Captain

August 28, 2012 7:55 a.m.

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