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Joven, Legends of Rock: The Tin Street Market Tour

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The Tin Street Market Tour starring Joven

One night and one night only the legends reunite for this soon to be sold out charity extravaganza in which bloodlust and chaos are sure to the fill night. Let the hairspray and scent of tanned leather flow through your nostrils as you frenzy your way be one of lucky ones splashed by the essence of Joven.

Playing all their hits in one evening such as Ring of Valakas, Arcbond, Feldons Cane, and the #1 smash hit Booby Trap.

Place your order now for this once in a lifetime reunion tour.

Frontman: Joven , Johnathan Silk

Lead Guitar: Jaya Ballard, Task Mage, Julie Ballard.

Bass: Rakka Mar, Rosa Martin

Keyboard: Feldon of the Third Path, Thomas Hearth III

Drummer: Fanatic of Mogis, Unknown.

Saxophone: Talruum Piper, Kenny B.

Head of Security: Known as Ogre Enforcer, Gerry Berry

1982 Joven released their debut album Pyromania which saw limited success with the band touring the seedy U.K bar scene. Later signed by FA-Q Records the team steam rolled into the teased hair and guy-liner lifestyle.

Joven: Pyromania (1982)

  1. Fireball
  2. Incinerate
  3. Annihilating Fire
  4. Flame Javelin
  5. Explosive Impact
  6. Past in Flames
  7. Disintegrate
  8. Ring of Valkas
  9. Phyrexian Furnace
  10. Blaze

1984 The sophomore album Sorcerers Strongbox topped the charts with Arcbond sending this unlikely team to #1 in power ballads.

Joven: Sorcerers Strongbox (1984)

  1. Thunderous Wrath
  2. Aftershock
  3. Comet Storm
  4. Arcbond
  5. Lightning Bolt
  6. Lightning Strike
  7. Shock
  8. Thunderous Might
  9. Stone Rain
  10. Jovens Tools

Joven assuming a much harder grip has washed away the White Rain and replaced it with this chaotic goo forming the smash album Chaos Moon. After front man Joven was sexually assaulted by the Nearheath Stalker, Walter Frey resulting in unexpected downtime for the band after their previous success of The Strongbox. In 1987 Joven packed Madison Square as they thrashed away Feldons Cane and Insurrection sending the crowd of screaming fans into a frenzy like no other.

Joven: Chaos Moon (1987)

  1. Feldons Cane
  2. Traitorous Blood
  3. Portent of Betrayal
  4. Curse of Chaos
  5. Wild Guess
  6. Insurrection
  7. Tormenting Voice
  8. Browbeat
  9. Act of Treason
  10. Fall of the Hammer
  11. Wild Ricochet
  12. Panic Spellbomb

Triangle of War released 1989 is infamous amongst fans as the pivotal time in which this iron clad band began to sink. The surfacing addiction to "Liquimetal Coating" tormented hard smashing drummer Mogis known for his pyrotechnic intros and lethal licks. Artistic differences, sexual preferences, Drug abuse combined with the falling out between both Jaya and Rakka spun this band once idolized crew into turmoil and plummeting ticket sales.

Joven: Triangle of War (1989)

  1. Dragons Claw
  2. Claws of Valakut
  3. Magmaquake
  4. Booby Trap
  5. Crystal Ball
  6. Pristine Talisman
  7. Mindcrank
  8. Seething Song
  9. Faithless Looting
  10. Infernal Plunge

The self titled return after years of break up, drug rehab and sexual scandal. A mixture of hair metal, reggae, and trip hop commits a fine example of the band we once adored now making our shirts fly up again and our lighters ignite.

Joven: Joven (2015)

  1. Sisays Ring
  2. Echo Chamber
  3. Elixir of Immortality
  4. Spectral Searchlight
  5. Tower of Fortunes
  6. Madcap Skills
  7. Vessel of Endless Rest
  8. Liquimetal Coating (The Addiction)

Look for Ruination the Musical coming Summer 2016

This event was made possible with the support and patronage of the Joven's Tools

Joven's Tools Fan Club: Established 1984

                     "The Tool Box"

Head Tool and Keeper of the Flame: Martha Cho

Assistant Tool: Skirsdag Cultist, Suzzie Little.

Treasurer and self proclaimed #1 fan: Bloodcrazed Neonate, Ginger Rogers.

Tool Box Events Coordinator: Sparkmage Apprentice, Lilly Ling.

Website Management: Spearpoint Oread, Susan Nude.

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