Bringer of the Green Dawn


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Fifth Dawn (5DN) Rare

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Bringer of the Green Dawn

Creature — Bringer

You may pay (White)(Blue)(Black)(Red)(Green) rather than pay Bringer of the Green Dawn's mana cost.


At the beginning of your upkeep, you may put a 3/3 green Beast creature token into play.

Bringer of the Green Dawn Discussion

DrukenReaps on Best Reanimation Targets

2 months ago

The strongest bringers in general are probably Bringer of the Black Dawn and Bringer of the Blue Dawn.

Bringer of the Red Dawn and Bringer of the White Dawn are very strong in the right situation.

Bringer of the Green Dawn is fine. I guess...

They are upkeep triggers though so reanimating at sorc speed means they have to stick a whole turn. So while I like them I don't know if you want them for this.

rob_shifflett on What if...?

4 months ago

What if the Bringer cycle had been legendary?

Myself and three friends are going to find out in this week's match of our League. I am tied for last with my current rival. With the other two 3 points ahead. I was stuck with the Bringer of the Red Dawn.

As this is the ninth game, I am suffering deckbuilders fatigue. I am lacking inspiration for this deck. Maybe Aggravated Assaults, Threatens and Goblin Bombardments(free sacrifice outlets). What would you do with Bringer of the Red Dawn as your commander?

The two players tied for First have Bringer of the Green Dawn and Bringer of the White Dawn.

My rival has Bringer of the Blue Dawn. He is a Nekusar Main, so I assume he will go that route. With heavy emphasis on mass discard.

Bringer of the Black Dawn was left out for obvious reasons.

Permafrost on Budoka and His Vengeful Garden

8 months ago

Bringer of the Green Dawn is, unfortunately, an illegal card. It's color identity is all 5 colors. Maybe Sylvan Awakening could be a good replacement? With the amount of lands you'll have in play, it could be a win con.

Fathinar on Playing the Lottery

2 years ago

I would consider adding more creatures maybe bring the creature count to somewhere between 30-35 i know they are all big beefies with high cast costs. But I feel like with the ramp you have it cant hurt. plus the idea is to have good things for mayael to dig for. I would start with Armada Wurm and maybe Craterhoof Behemoth Aegis Angel. something like Arborback Stomper will help get some life for free if you need it. Avatar of Slaughter for the game ending hit. Boldwyr Heavyweights because you should have the biggest creatures at the table and its a 2 for 1. Bringer of the Green Dawn/Bringer of the Red Dawn because reasons Council Guardian Deathcoil Wurm doesnt mind being blocked lol. Dragonlair Spider is great for blocking and creature racing. Enlisted Wurm though im not sure how cascade works with mayael. Garruk's Horde just seems natural in here as does Gladehart Cavalry. Living Inferno fight clubs all by its self as does Nessian Wilds Ravager. um Panglacial Wurm because i dare you to cast it from your library. i will scoop right then. Primeval Protector will be almost free even if its in your hand. Scourge of the Throne i mean your deck loves attacking why not do it again? Siege Behemoth,Tornado Elemental,wolfpack and Thorn Elemental because we want to just do straight damage to people. Stalking Vengeance will make people think twice about clearing the board. Tyrant of Discord sounds awesome. Vagrant Plowbeasts u know why. Vigordoesnt have time for anybodys shit. Windbrisk Raptor id like to see some lifelink in this deck because it has the potential to pump out assloads of damage per turn. there were a ton of creatures i omitted which had cycling and in hindsight they may be good but im sure you can do a search for them but if you ever find your hand flooded with creatures it might be a good out. also one last thing since i love this card Blade of Selves I didnt price anything out because I didnt feel like it since you could buy any of these one at a time and slowly build the deck into something that you wanted.

total_euphoria on turn 2 im sorry (need suggestions)

2 years ago

Seeing as you need to sac a creature to get this combo going, why not sac one that has an LTB trigger? There are many out there such as Thragtusk. However, if you wont your combo to go off at the earliest point possible i.e. turn 3 without Birds of Paradise these should be 1-2 mana creatures. There arent many at this cost which have decent LTB triggers but one includes Thalakos Seer, which basically gives a free card draw. In regards to targets you can practically have anything to your hearts desire (9 mana or less). I guess it depends on what colours you want to stick to? Primeval Titan is a beast and would ramp you exceedingly well. Blazing Archon would ruin your opponent, Bringer of the Green Dawn gives lovely tokens, Demon of Death's Gate is a game ender, Myojin of Life's Web allows you to cast anything from hand, the possibilities are endless. However, you need to ensure your combo will come off or you'll be stuck with big creatures that you'll have trouble in hardcasting. Perhaps some tutors will help with this in order to find Allosaurus Rider should you not draw him?

moysturizer on Five Color God Stuff

2 years ago

Have you ever tried any of the bringer creatures? They're godlike based on the suns: "There were five Bringers, all concepted as manifestations of the energy of the five "suns" (moons) of Mirrodin. Each of these rare creatures has a mana cost of 7MM, but can be played for WUBRG instead of the mana cost. Each has trample and a powerful ability that may be played at the beginning of the owner's upkeep."-mtgsalvation

Bringer of the White Dawn.Bringer of the Blue Dawn.Bringer of the Black Dawn.Bringer of the Red Dawn.Bringer of the Green Dawn.

carpecanum on Wait, Those Can't Attack! (UNDER RENOVATION)

2 years ago

Fist of Suns brings your boss out early, so does Mirari's Wake

Living Wall and Wall of Shadows are hard to kill and Carnivorous Plant is kinda cool

with every 5 color deck i make i always try to fit in at least one Bringer...Bringer of the Black Dawn,Bringer of the Blue Dawn,Bringer of the Green Dawn,Bringer of the Red Dawn,Bringer of the White Dawn

blue and black would help the most here i think

Spidersilk Armor could help your walls get...taller

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Bringer of the Green Dawn occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%