-Delver of Secrets   has a 45% chance of transforming, made higher with draw fixing from Serum Visions, Magma Jet, and Condescend. The best 1-drop in our deck and maybe the best in Modern.

-Thing in the Ice   can easily transform within several turns of playing it, resetting the board and becoming a large threat to our opponent.

-Snapcaster Mage needs no explanation; It's versatile and is only limited by what spells we have already cast.

-Bedlam Reveler is a later game threat which can serve to refill a weak or empty hand.

-Wandering Fumarole can close off games if the opponent has exhausted all their answers or block chumps if necessary.



-Opt is a great instant speed cantrip.

-Lightning Bolt, Magma Jet, and Izzet Charm allow us to punish enemy threats or push burn in the case of the first two cards.

-Remand, Spell Snare, Izzet Charm, and Condescend protects our board and slows our opponent's actions.

-Cryptic Command can do all of the above.

-Serum Visions, Magma Jet, and Condescend allow us to flip Delver at will and fix our draws over the next few turns.


Other Notes:

-I have a budget of $350.

-Upgrades include Steam Vents, Scalding Tarn, and a full playset of Snapcaster Mage.


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