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Guys I'm really excited about Mentor! It was a ton of fun in the pre-release, and I'm thinking it'll be a ton of fun in PDH.

I went with the Challenger as a commander 'cause he's super aggressive for a 2-drop, and can start the mentor-chain immediately. (Also I can make jokes about him exploding my small creatures... into credible threats).

The deck is full of bad 1-drops so that I can start mentoring them immediately. Healer's Hawk can get out of hand in a hurry with a couple counters. Boros Recruit is a great mentor target and flavorfully on point. Tundra Wolves makes the cut mostly 'cause I was really into wolves in 1996 and I still like the art.

The rest of the creature base is cheap stuff with solid abilities that get better as it gets bigger: lifelink, First Strike, Double Strike.

To keep the mentor-chain going, I've got some equipment to buff the Boss. The difference between him having 2 power and 3 power is enormous, so Bone Saw is actually great. (Obviously, Bonesplitter is better.) A couple of my bodies also have Bestow, so that can also help buff the Boss if I draw them late.

Lastly, I need a way to keep all my dudes alive even though I'll be attacking with them constantly: hence combat tricks. I want to keep those up for post-declare-blockers step to save my dudes when they get blocked, but I can also main phase them to get bigger Mentor triggers if I'm attacking into an empty board.

Let me know what you think!


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