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Nissa, Big Wave Surfin'

Oathbreaker Mono-Green Ramp


Nissa, Big Wave Surfin'

Don't want to read? I cover this deck tech in a video over @TheTrinisphere!

Nissa, Who Shakes the World + Genesis Wave . Looking for interesting ways to break Oathbreaker, I started experimenting with spells that have means to offset their own tax each time their cast.

Genesis Wave offsets its own increasing tax by putting lands into play under your control for free. With Nissa's latent mana-doubling effect, these lands can offset the increase in tax, and often allow you to immediately GenWave again, especially if you hit Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger who also increase mana production. Chaining GenWaves over and over usually allows us to play out our entire deck and hit our Concordant Crossroads , leading to a pod-kill.

Originally featuring Nature's Revolt as a way to power out huge swings, this enchantment caused problems when chaining GenWaves, sometimes causing lands to become creatures early in the chain and giving them summoning sickness, thus ending the chain.


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