Hey Everyone! I've been out of standard for a little while now and am wanting to sleeve up Merfolk after rotation. I don't really care if it doesn't end up being a top tier deck, or even the best tribe to choose from, I just want to play Fish in Standard. I play a lot of Modern and keep tabs on the Standard meta, so I am somewhat familiar with what decks already exist as far as sideboard options go but would love to hear opinions. I think I'm mainly settled on the mainboard but may just may tweak numbers on some of the inclusions. I would love to hear anyone's suggestions and help! If you have an idea for a card to put in, it would be great to also give suggestion for what should come out! Thanks!



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Round 1 was against a Dynavolt Tower deck. I was able to out agro the opponent's game plan with the help of Shapers' Sanctuary refilling my hand through spot removal 2-0

Round 2 was my 1 loss of the night. It was against a Riddleform U/R Prowess deck. I knew my deck was going to be weak to flyers, and it really showed in this match against Riddleform and Enigma Drake. Nevery saw any of my Harvesters in the SB game but still might need something like Crushing Canopy in the SB. 0-2

Round 3 was against Grixis Control. The spot removal of the control deck was embarrassing with Shapers' Sanctuary on the battlefield as I was able to cast a steady stream of threats before he could even think about casting his planeswalkers. 2-0

Round 4 was against a Marionette Master deck. Game 1 I had him down to 1 life before he played a Marionette Master and sacked 5 treasure to deal me the perfect 20. Game 2 I ran over him with a huge battlefield by turn 4. Game 3 He really kept me off balance and I drew all 3 of my 4 drops and was feeling clunky. I got him down to 13 before finding a Nissa, Steward of Elements, played it, and started plussing to ultimate. I wasn't in a position to attack anymore because his creatures were bigger than mine and he had a Revel in Riches out, so I was feeling the squeeze. I chump blocked my board away to protect Nissa and with a Shapers' Sanctuary out and 1 card in my opponent's hand, I went for it. I tapped two forest floating 2 green, ultimate Nissa, untap 2 forest, Hashep Oasis one of them and swing for 13 exactly. My opponent plays the last card in his hand which is a bounce spell, trigger Sanctuary, draw Negate and counter the spell to preserve lethal. Really excellent game, wouldn't have won being that far behind without Nissa. 2-1

So overall I went 3-1 or 6-3. The deck was super fun to play and was everything I wanted it to be. All the cards played their part and were awesome, Shapers' Sanctuary was an absolute house and drew me a ton of cards and while I only saw Nissa once, she was fantastic. I can see moving Deeproot Waters to the sideboard although really sweet to trigger River Sneak a bunch when in the main, I may only need them in control matchups. I also plan on adding some flyers hate.

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+2 Spell Pierce main
+2 Tempest Caller main
+3 Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca main
+4 Botanical Sanctum main
+4 Merfolk Mistbinder main
+4 Unclaimed Territory main
-4 Kumena's Speaker main
-4 Vineshaper Mystic main
-3 Unsummon main
+3 Hashep Oasis main
-4 Botanical Sanctum main
-3 Shapers' Sanctuary main
+1 Forest main
+4 Merfolk Branchwalker main
+4 Kumena's Speaker main
-4 Metallic Mimic main
+2 Deeproot Elite main
-2 Herald of Secret Streams main
+4 Jade Bearer main
-4 Unclaimed Territory main
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