Exile target permanent with converted mana cost 1.

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2019 (M19) Rare

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Format Legality
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Highlander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Historic Legal
Unformat Legal
Magic Duels Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Leviathan Legal

Isolate Discussion

SideBae on Sharuum and the Artifacts

10 months ago

Hey! I always thought Shrauum was a cool commander, and I love that you're running Zur's Weirding (it's one of my favorite cards). Here're some suggestions -- feel free to ignore any/all of them:

  1. Xerox cards are your friend. Ponder and Preordain belong in pretty much any blue deck, as they can dig you to what you need and past what you don't. Being one mana means they make marginal opening sevens into acceptable hands. Similarly, Brainstorm is fully capable of being very good, though it requires more of a build-around. In order for it to be good, you need some cards to assure that you don't get Brainstorm -locked; that is, stuck with two cards you don't want on top of your library after resolving Brainstorm . The easiest way to deal with this is to simply crack a fetchland after resolution, as the shuffle-effect unlocks you. While the Onslaught and Zendikar fetches are the best for this, Evolving Wilds , Terramorphic Expanse , Prismatic Vista or even just Flood Plain or Bad River are good, too.

  2. Currently, Narset, Parter of Veils is one of the most busted cards in EDH. Preventing decks from drawing extra cards essentially means she is a 'must answer' before anything else can happen, and if you pair her with your Windfall you can win the card-advantage war in one fell swoop; this interaction is also favorable with your Dark Deal .

  3. Speaking of card-advantage, you are in the best colors for it. Fact or Fiction is a very good card, especially since you put the pile you don't choose into your graveyard. Since your general reanimates artifacts, this means the card is straight card-advantage. Treasure Cruise and Painful Truths are two draw-threes I've been very impressed with, mainly due to their frequently low casting cost. Dig Through Time is one that is good too, though I don't advise running it and Treasure Cruise at the same time, as delve can get in its own way. I think Treasure Cruise is better if you want to keep your combos secondary, and Dig Through Time , which provides more card selection and less card advantage, is good if you want your combos to take the front seat.

  4. As you mention in your description, your landbase can use some work. This, I think, is actually not as big a deal as one might think though, since you have a lot of very good two-mana mana-rocks that produce your colors. Still, if you're looking to improve the deck, this is an area with potential. If you end up running fetch lands, be they Onslaught, Zendikar or Slow (see (1)'s Flood Plain ), you should at least run the on-color shock lands. Godless Shrine , Hallowed Fountain and Watery Grave can all enter untapped, and being able to grab them with a fetch land means their odds of coming out in a game go up drastically. You may want to run them even sans fetches. Mana Confluence and City of Brass are good, as they are tri-lands that ETB untapped. The check lands (that is, Drowned Catacomb , Glacial Fortress and Isolated Chapel ) are only a few dollars now and offer consistent improvement. The pain lands ( Underground River , Adarkar Wastes and Caves of Koilos ) should also be considered.

  5. One card that I think you should test with is Bitter Ordeal . This IS a combo card, but I think it is likely better than most of the other ways to profit off infinite death/ETB triggers associated with your general + copying artifact combo. There are several reasons I say this. One, it is a sorcery. This means that, if you choose to run Mystical Tutor (which I suggest you do), it can find the payoff half of your combo; right now, this would only be true if you run Enlightened Tutor (I also advise this). Running an artifact/enchantment payoff to grab with Enlightened Tutor and another sorcery-based payoff to grab with Mystical Tutor means that you can tutor for a win-condition card off either of the tutors. Second, there are fewer answers to a sorcery than a permanent. Winning with Disciple of the Vault or Altar of the Brood requires that they stay on the field throughout the resolution of the combo; a well timed Abrupt Decay , Isolate or Swords to Plowshares / Nature's Claim means lights out. While Bitter Ordeal can be countered, so can the permanents; running Bitter Ordeal just means you narrow the number of possible answers your opponents can have. Third and finally, Bitter Ordeal is really only stopped by a Leyline of Sanctity effect. It is worth noting that there are ways that opponents can prevent being milled out by Altar of the Brood (like running Kozilek, Butcher of Truth and even benefit from it ( Tasigur, the Golden Fang or Whisper, Blood Liturgist come to mind), and ways that they can avoid dying to infinite drain ( Lich , Platinum Emperion and Platinum Angel come to mind). Again, Bitter Ordeal just limits the number of answers opponents can have.

Alright. That's all I got. Good luck!

CeilingShapes on Bogles Budget

1 year ago

Brushland is much better than Canopy Vista (they're Budget if you get them used) because your turn 2-3 attacks are crucial to put your opponent on a short (2/3 turn) clock. Also, I would add 2 more Hyena Umbra and 2 Unflinching Courage in place of Gryff's Boon . Gryff's Boon should be used against a heavy control or a deck you might suspect uses Back to Nature ; keep it in the sideboard.

For a budget deck, you should run 4 Isolate in your sideboard, and should have at least 4 sources of creature removal in your main-board like the $10 Path to Exile but a very cheap replacement that usually works when you need it would be Chained to the Rocks , about a Dollar for a playset; Blazing Hope is another good budget option. Otherwise, I think Spirit mantle should be removed, It's too slow. Good Luck!

PhyrexianGameplay on

1 year ago

or you could play Isolate and Searing Light

Kjartan on Mono-White 1 Drop Control

1 year ago

I can see a few problems with your current deck.

1) You only have 10 lands, meaning that you have 25% chance to not even start with a single land in your opening hand, and only 32% chance of starting with more than 1 land.

2) You have a lot of very narrow cards that are sometimes great, but sometimes does nothing. ( Isolate and Mana Tithe mostly). These are not bad cards, they are just not very universal, and I don't think that's a good thing for a control deck. You often see Spell Pierce in tempo decks, but when's the last time you've seen anyone play that card without a fast clock to force your opponents hand?

3) You have a lot of cards that doesn't actually solve problems but just prolongs the game without actually furtherring your game-plan. Eventually, you're going to lack the answer and be starring down a big, big battlefield that will probably kill you in one turn.

I could see you going all in on Isochron Scepter , and making a deck that looks somewhat like it does already, adding some consitancy spells (Probably blue cards), and something to protect the scepter, but if you want a mono white control deck, I think Pillow Fort is your best option.

Something like this maybe: My Pillow-Fart deck for refference

ClockworkSwordfish on Aluren with an emerald medallion, ...

1 year ago

I'm afraid not! A creature's converted mana cost is an invariable number - that is, the amount of mana their mana cost requires regardless of colour. So no matter what - no matter what! - Goreclaw will always have a converted mana cost of four. Now, that doesn't mean you always have to pay four mana to play her - Emerald Medallion allows you to pay less, but that doesn't mean her mana cost is one less. It means you can pay three mana to play a four mana creature. After all, if you used one mana to pay for Unearth and brought back a three-mana creature, your opponent couldn't use Isolate to remove it.

Ergo, Goreclaw allowing you to pay less for another creature doesn't lower its converted mana cost, either. Aluren will only let you drop creatures whose printed mana cost adds up to 3 or less, no ifs, ands or buts. Because again, their mana cost can never change: only what you might have to pay to play them.

Nietzsky on Augustin's $t4ks (cEDH Primer)

1 year ago

Hey Winter, thanks for the comments. I agree the difference comes down to a play style, and more than likely we experience different metas. For instance, lots of people at my local LGS started slotting Aura Shards because of Augustin, so under no circumstance could I afford to drop Torpor Orb (I've had games where Aura Shards showed up on the table 3 times for Christ's sake... I can't one-shot that away). Also, as Aura Shards decks ALWAYS bring dorks (there's a birds or elves hitting t1 in the overwhelming majority of my games), this is why a few months prior I highly valued Isolate , whereas you may have had more of a lukewarm reception to it.

Question for you.... I highly value my Leyline of Anticipation and use it to often circumvent the exact dilemma you are presenting (Do I play my artifact piece and potentially let something through that I could potentially answer, or do I hold flash open, hold my counterspell and my stax piece, and wait to see if I'm either end-stepping a piece or counterspelling). Have you tried running this card in your Augustin? It's to the point where I'm about to make room for Idyllic Tutor just because of Blind Obedience Land Equilibrium Rest in Peace or even a cheeky Copy Artifact .

Narset- I hear every point you make and yes, a 2 costed PW is absolutely bonkers. It felt absolutely lovely when I rebounded Long-Term Plans , dropped Windfall and had a top online, but 1 Rebound is going to kill your ultimate plan, and chances are in my deck her +1 is more likely to hit a non-applicable card than a applicable one. She served me well for 6 months though, don't blame you slotting her.

Relative to high-end cards and cost, I agree to an extent. If I had no budget restrictions, my deck would be Sen Triplets with The Abyss , Nether Void ,black tutor and ritual package, and 80% of the value on your list more than likely. As it stands now, I don't feel I'm at a critical disadvantage if my opponent has a Timetwister and I don't, but yes, there probably will be a game or two where it was relevant.

You know how it goes with our man.... you slot him, you're playing Archenemy the remainder of your EDH days, and counterbuilds are going to start showing up if you play your LGS long enough. I had to deslot my Consecrated Sphinx because it was either win-more or a 6 mana dump that was usually answered with 1-2 within 1 player turn... but in some metas this card is completely broken IMO.

Nietzsky on Augustin's $t4ks (cEDH Primer)

1 year ago

My build: . Our builds deviate in a few ways, but basically

Mine is a paper list, and I have no intentions of ever purchasing Tabernacle, Timetwister, Candelabra, etc. in paper. The most expensive single I plan on owning is Mox Diamond , so my intentions aren't to create a 4000 stax primer, merely to build my iteration of MLD Azor given my parameters. With that being said, there is a little value in my collection now =).

I play it safe with Iso, boring to most I know, but tried and true. Nosticks, Boomsticks, Dramascepters.... it's one of my favorite cards in the format. Merchant Scroll has a bit more relevance for me due to Dramatic Reversal .

Relative to planeswalkers, I generally don't even look at the ultimates on walkers unless they're in proliferate or doubling season decks, and Leyline of Anticipation also opens a lot of avenues with Teferi, Hero of Dominaria that may not exist without the include. Gilded Drake holds an even dearer place in my heart =).

I agree on your comments relative to Catastrophe , you merely mentioned issue with getting your hands on LD during playtests, so I was throwing up all of the redundancy I have historically used in my LD package (I would always use Thorn of Amethyst over Vryn Wingmare if I could only slot 1 for instance, but I run both).

Relative to Disenchant, I still think both are reactive, though I'll say an even better fit... Negate. At least now you can eat ramp AND wincons, and that pesky Flash out of nowhere.... if you're about disenchant I feel it, maybe it's personal, but I would feel more comfortable sitting at a table with a Negate in my hand than a Disenchant personally.

I definitely like the include of Personal Tutor and have been considering dropping Teferi PW out of my iteration to bring down my average CMC (at the present it ate Isolate 's slot)) and because I view 1 more chance at MLD as more impactful than either Narset or Teferi ultimately.

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