Blood Operative


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Rare

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Blood Operative

Creature — Vampire Assassin

Lifelink When Blood Operative enters the battlefield, you may exile target card from a graveyard.

Whenever yu surveil, if Blood Operative is in your graveyard, you may pay 3 life. If you do, return Blood Operative to your hand.

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Blood Operative Discussion

Swing4Lethal on All Hail Surveil

1 week ago

I run a Dimir Surveil Tempo deck with Unmoored Ego in the sideboard. It is single-handedly the reason I have never lost to a Teferi, Hero of Dominaria or Izzit Drakes deck. Being able to take all of your opponents win conditions out right off the bat is great. Dream Eater is way too big and slow for this style of deck. I cut Lazav, the Multifarious because it was too slow and drawing it early game is so bad. It doesn't block well and has a very unassuming 1/3 body. I run 3 copies of Disinformation Campaign in the main and it is has been invaluable. Blood Operative has always felt like a side board card and I have 2 copies in mine. It is very good against Izzit Drakes and Golgari. I don't run any Thief of Sanity as it has always just died when I played it and I like having a wider array of mainboard removal. Fungal Infection is a card I highly recommend against boros, mono red, and golgari.

metafuze on Dimir ETB/Quasiduplicate

1 week ago

@OberstHati thanks for the comment! You're right that the sideboard needs some more control stuff. I do usually board in the other Kitesail Freebooter and 2x Blood Operative, which is a pesky recurring threat. Was also considering Vraska's Contempt as a control sideboard to answer planeswalkers.

Swing4Lethal on Dimir Surveillance

2 weeks ago

@SP3CTR3_chelts Unmoored Ego was added into the deck when I wrote that article. I was having difficult with those decks with the previous version of the deck, which was running a lot more creatures and didn't have Ego in the sideboard yet. The match up is much easier now, and because of their infinite ways to remove creatures from the board I added a couple Raiders' Wake to the sideboard as well to make the discard engine a win condition. Since these changes were made I have only lost two games to Jeskai/Esper control due to bad mana draws. Dream Eater has been on my radar, but the six CMC makes me a little on easy in a deck that tends to stop at five lands in play. There are a lot of red based decks in my local play group so Blood Operative has been remanded to my sideboard for the most part. It's very good against UR Drakes and Golgari, but falls short against any kind of small aggro style decks. The is by no means perfect and I am still shaping the deck based on how I think the overall meta will play out.

hydrothermia on Assassin of Sanity?

2 weeks ago

@pbowen331, I'd say "Welcome to Tapped Out," but you've been here longer than I have.

Etrata can work, but only on non-token creatures, since exiling a token makes them nonexistent. You'll need to work on finding another form of winning condition if the first option isn't possible. I also notice that this is very budgety, is that deliberate?

I'll try to suggest things around that if possible, but I'll will suggest some pricer cards as well. I also don't know how heavy you want to go into Surveil. While I'm not going to name all of them, just the ones that seem useful.

Hopefully that gave you some additional insight on improving your deck.

SP3CTR3_chelts on [Dimir] Silent Death

3 weeks ago

I like the deck but i think you might be running too much discard and not enough removal. The concept of a dimir discard deck for control has worked very well in standard but against many decks they can get a small board state before you can lock out their hand with discard. This board state combined with top decks (because WoTC hate printing instant speed discard cards {with good reason}) can still win. if you start of by removing there creatures and leading into a discard and removal strategy you will find a greater level of success.

My suggestion would be to ditch the burglar rats, plague crafters and vicious rumers then put in removal and counters such as Vraska's Contempt (or a Murder for a budget version) Sinister Sabotage, Cast Down ect. this makes it a longer game that you control in its entirety!! also Blood Operative work as a great win con don't be afraid to use your life as a resource.

last point Unmoored Ego is a great sideboard card :D targeting the win con from a control deck (tefferi or the eldest reborn) can stop them from being able to win the game or the draw from mid range deck (experimental frenzy) can make them run out of steam quickly

Hope this helps, Ed

RubyOrzhov on UB Dimir Tempo Surveil

3 weeks ago

Dimir Guildmage is not Standard legal. Would recommend another Blood Operative or Lazav, the Multifarious.

David_H18 on grixis control standard

1 month ago

Hey tidave03! Great deck! Just a thought, but if you're looking for graveyard hate, Phyrexian Scriptures will probably do more for you here than Blood Operative, if your looking for something to go against control with, Banefire would probably be a better slot in. Definitely looks like fun though, I run something very similar to this.

multimedia on

1 month ago

Hey, what's the payoff for doing all the surveiling? Spybug alone is a not enough of a payoff because it will have a huge target on it and it's fragile. Because of this I think Spybug is kind of a trap. Consider Disinformation Campaign? With surveil it can be potent disruption as well as card advantage. Consider Blood Operative? Another payoff for doing surveil. Operative is deceptively powerful especially his ETB ability which lets you exile a card from your opponent's graveyard which is helpful in current Standard. The life gain he can provide while blocking/attacking is beneficial to be able to recur him when you surveil. Operative is a fine card to discard to surveil because you can potentially recur him.

Consider more of a tapout control direction with Ritual of Soot and The Eldest Reborn? These are powerful cards with the hand disruption theme of Erasure/Campaign. I see Doom Whisperer in the sideboard? If you have this card consider main decking it? Whisperer is a huge reason to want to play surveil and his 6/6 flying/trample body is above the curve stats for a five drop.

After all my suggestions consider this different example:

  • 4x Operative
  • 2x Whisperer
  • 2x Eater

Other Spells

  • 4x Campaign
  • 1x Surveillance
  • 3x Craving
  • 2x Price of Fame (more in sideboard)
  • 4x Erasure
  • 3x Discovery
  • 4x Sabotage
  • 1x Briefing
  • 3x Soot
  • 2x Reborn

  • 25x Lands (4x Grave, 4x Catacomb, 3-4x Dimir Guildgate)

This example has two payoffs for surveil (Campaign and Operative). Less creatures more control to take advantage of Soot, both Whisperer and Eater survive it and doesn't matter if Operative dies to it because you can recur him. Following Soot with either Whisperer, Reborn or Eater is good for you, terrible for your opponent. In matchups (control) where you don't need Soot then Thief of Sanity is a fantastic sideboard card to replace it.

Good luck with your deck.

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