Time to Reflect


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Uncommon

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Time to Reflect


Exile target creature that blocked or was blocked by a Zombie this turn.

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Time to Reflect Discussion

Qolorful on Zombies (its probably awful i'm new to this)

6 days ago

Hey there! Love that you are going for the zombies. It's a fun deck that's fairly decent. For a standard deck you usually want somewhere around 36 nonlands and 24 lands for your deck, as that is a good ratio for getting the right mix of cards in your hand to be able to play your first few turns out well. With that in mind you already have 38 nonland cards, so you may want to consider cutting that down.

As far as lands go, once you have your nonlands laid out, you can use Concealed Courtyard and the correct mix of plains and swamps to match the ratio of black to white in your deck.

For nonlands, since you are doing tribal, you have the right idea already, jam the deck with zombies and cards to support them. Some suggestions I have are to take out liliana's defeat, impeccable timing, and mighty leap, bring in Time to Reflect, and potentially even Liliana's Mastery. As far as your zombies themselves go I've played with mummy paramount before, and it wasn't nearly as good as it looks. It usually ends up being 3 power, and pressures you to play a zombie every turn even when that isn't the best option. Disposal mummy also is better off in the sideboard than the mainboard. The last one you might consider replacing would be Kherna eternal. (These aren't cards that need to go, but rather the least strong in your deck). One zombie id definitely put in is Unraveling Mummy! He seems iffy on paper, but you'd be surprised how much he makes people not want to attack you. The ability to give deathtouch is good for that, and the Lifelinker gives you a lot of extra sustain.

Good luck with your deck! If you have any questions let me know

Leon9358 on Tokens in Ixalan Standard? Ideas, ...

1 week ago

There's definitely some potiential foe b/w Zombie token spam B/W Zombies Help Needed but it will not be nearly as good as mono black zombies however I do see potiential in the card Time to Reflect

landofMordor on Black/White Zombie Synergy

2 weeks ago

A wonderful start! Your average CMC (converted mana cost) is 2.51, so I'd probably add 1-2 more lands. Even if you get mana flooded, you'll be able to sacrifice Deserts, so there's no need to run hyper-low on lands.

Lethal Sting is good; Time to Reflect is better, because you can cast it before combat damage is dealt, and save your Ammit from death to fight another day.

The Scarab God will drop in price eventually(: in the meantime, Gisa and Geralf might be an addition to mull over.

1 drops are indeed important, so I like the FMummy. Of course, playtesting and iteration will tell for sure! The only thing more important than being able to cast your spells (enough lands for your CMC) is having the right spells. Your deck appears aggro at this moment (midrange tries to extend every game into the turn 6-7 range, while aggro hopes to end it before then), so your mana curve looks great for the time being.

Great start! Best of luck, and let me know if you need anything else from me!

Qolorful on black and blue zombie deck

3 weeks ago

hey there! I used to have an esper deck with scarab god, and he's a pretty crazy card in action. I like that you are using him in an actual zombie list, as that makes him even stronger than how I used him, which was with cards like Archangel Avacyn  Flip, who's ETB effects were really strong paired with the ability to flash them from the graveyard at instant speed.

In any case, here's a few ways to increase its competitive play.

  1. Non-rotation proof- this method will be better, but... will rotate.. so you might not like it. Relentless Dead, Prized Amalgam, and Gisa and Geralf are strong options for any zombies deck, as they increase the strength of your recursion, which is a lot of what makes zombies good. Spellweaver Eternal is probably the weakest card in your list, as it isn't a prowess list, so that is the first to replace no matter what suggestions you decide to take. Also, there are better spells than the ones you are running. Black is renown for its removal, so you want to consider using it. You have cards like Grasp of Darkness and Fatal Push to clear a path for the zombies. Also, Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet is a bomb.

  2. Non-rotation proof esper. Adding white to all the prior statements is pretty strong because of access to even more removal, like Anguished Unmaking, Time to Reflect, and Declaration in Stone, as well as the all-star zombie Wayward Servant, which will double up on the drain effect of scarab god. It also gives you access to the mummies if you'd like to play them. I don't know how it plays in constructed, but when I played it in draft Unraveling Mummy was a killer card, so it is worth trying out!

  3. Rotation proof- without using card from eldritch moon(which is my favorite block so I'm sad it's going), you are much more limited with what you can do, but there are still ways to improve the deck. Fatal push is still open to use, and cards like Hieroglyphic Illumination which was really hard for me to spell, will speed up your deck. If you want to go rotation proof, I'd recommend esper though, or even orzhov. Time to Reflect and Wayward Servant are just soooo good in zombie tribal. It's hard to justify not using them. Also, access to embalm and eternalize is important to remember. Champion of Wits and other good ones like Adorned Pouncer are worth considering, just in case you don't have scarab god to reanimate them.

Hope this helped a bit, if you have any questions, let me know!

SpiritKing on Black/White/Blue Zombie Deck

1 month ago

Often when you start out it might be hard to really focus on a thing in decks. What catches my eye is that you have multiple things you want to do with your creatures in your graveyard and some of them are anti-synergistic/not efficient enough with what you want the deck overall to do (as far as i can tell). You seem to want to create a critical mass of zombies and/or tokens to aggro your opponent out of the game, while getting value out of Zombie Tribal synergies and through Eternalize/Embalm by basically getting two creatures out of one card.

To that end (aggro out an opponent) you can either focus more on token creation or up the number of "Lord" effects aka cards that give a certain creature type a +1/+1-boost.

Since i presume you want to keep the Blue for The Scarab God i suggest adding some Diregraf Captain which act as Lords and further hurt your opponent for killing your creatures and some number of Liliana's Mastery to create more zombie tokens and as a +1/+1 boost on an enchantment (it's harder to remove for your opponent than a creature).

Other cards you might want are cheap aggressive creatures, preferably with some kind of evasion that makes them hard to block. I think Cursed Minotaur is an option you might want to add, others would include Binding Mummy to tap down blockers, Mummy Paramount which can grow pretty big, Tattered Mummy which works well with Diregraf Captain, Wayward Servant to gain life back and of course the good ol' Diregraf Ghoul.Also Time to Reflect is wonderful in Zombie Tribal Decks.

If you want to explore the Eternalize/Embalm road some more, Sunscourge Champion and Miasmic Mummy would be great additions, since Champion can eternalize pretty early, can gain back life and both can dump somthing with Embalm/Eternalize into your graveyard. Ghoulraiser can be pretty good here as well, since he only get's back a Zombie and leaves your Eternalize/Embalm creatures in your graveyard to use them.

Whatever direction you want to evolve this into, i's strongly suggest to get a second The Scarab God even if it is pretty expensive at the moment, but it does so much for zombie decks. Perhaps wait some more until the price drops a bit?

Other suggestions i have is to look up cards from all the Innistrad sets (the new and the old) as well as Shards of Alara cards that have Unearth.

Also, since The Scarab God can basically rebuy your creatures, everything with an "enters/leaves the battlefield" ability is especially good with him.

I hope i could help you out a bit!

landofMordor on Almost a Orzhov Zombie Tribal Deck

1 month ago

Ditto on Lord of the Accursed; I'd also add Time to Reflect, which is stellar removal.

As for sideboard, Hour of Glory is okay. Mostly, you'll just need to adapt to your meta -- I would predict a lot of red aggro decks and UR control decks. To that end, things like Harsh Scrutiny or Lay Bare the Heart can help answer threats. I'll keep thinking and get back to you.

JakeBreake on Almost a Orzhov Zombie Tribal Deck

1 month ago

Cool deck, lots of good cards in here! I think the main way to boost the power of this deck is to make some card cuts and add in more of the all-star cards. That being said, budget reasons usually affect just how many of the all-star cards you want to put in.

Here's my suggestion: cut 2x Khenra Eternal 1x Bone Picker add 3x Lord of the Accursed, cut 2x Sandblast add 2x Time to Reflect

NobleGhost117 on Last Hope Against the God Pharoh

1 month ago

Ammit Eternal could be a good replacement for Noosegraf Mob once rotation hits. Time to Reflect is a good combat trick that'll help deal with any threat on the ground.

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