Time to Reflect


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Uncommon

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Time to Reflect


Exile target creature that blocked or was blocked by a Zombie this turn.

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Time to Reflect Discussion

jon.grimes893 on Of Life and Death - Zombie Deck

2 weeks ago

Cast Out is probably the best all-around, next to Vraska's Contempt (~$8) and Ixalan's Binding. Time to Reflect is already such amazing removal that I wouldn't worry about adding anymore.

The deck is looking much much better. I'd run some simulations to see how it curves out, when it reaches power spikes, etc. After that it's paper + sideboard as you prepare for FNM (:

K1ngr3ese on Esper Marionette Gift

2 months ago

Thanks! I do enjoy piloting reanimator decks. Mardu is my competitive version currently but esper is quite powerful. I put this together orginally to showcase reanimator synergy with Fabricate. That is now being reworked because fabricate colors are Green, White, Black which lack a discard mechanic outside of gate.

With regard to gearhulks. I build this to minimize the downside of G-PG (make creatures 4/4) Noxious is always good (i run him side)it loses 1 power to scarab and gift. cataclysmic can be useful depending on the matchup and loses 1 toughness. torrential is definitely problematic as long as you find interesting things to flash back, it loses 1 power 2 toughness. This was why i had smaller creatures with cool abilities. The big plus is that you can run Refurbish.

Examples of interesting instants to flashback that are NOT staples...

Time to Reflect. Consign / Oblivion. Failure / Comply. Siren's Ruse. Acrobatic Maneuver. Disappearing Act. Essence Extraction. Farm / Market. Ritual of Rejuvenation. Start / Finish. Tragic Lesson. Pull from Tomorrow. Failed Inspection. Insidious Will... i could keep going but you can see how esper can make things interesting. Nox in play, acrobatic maneuver on nox, draw, reanimate torrential, flashback acrobatic maneuever on nox again, draw a card = lols? These are all instants to make use of torrential. Go nuts!

Just remember you can always board into 1 of 3 different modes. Mode 1... creatures (like the deck i have built). Mode 2... control (like the deck you are intending to make) and finally mode 3... mill with The Scarab God+ Fraying Sanity+ Fleet Swallower+ Embalmer's Tools ...reanimated creatures are zombies. Could be interesting! Hope my passion for reanimator has been insightful lol. Like i said before i enjoy piloting these decks.Esper is very versatile.

Argy on

3 months ago

I can only make a few suggestions, at this time.

For a start I would something like this, with your mana base:

4x Concealed Courtyard
4x Forsaken Sanctuary
4x Ifnir Deadlands
2x Shefet Dunes
7x Plains
3x Swamp

To make it more budget sub 4x Evolving Wilds for the 4x Concealed Courtyard.

You have no Sideboard, and you only have three pieces of removal that depending on you blocking a Creature.

You will need more ways to disrupt your Opponent's plans.

I would suggest something like this, for a Sideboard:

I would replace 3x Time to Reflect with 3x Fatal Push in your Mainboard. Then you aren't reliant on blocking to get rid of a Creature.

Hobbez9186 on Orzhov zombie aggro (IXL standard)

3 months ago

The real comment is that this is a nice start to a deck that is very similar to a draft that I had done where I ended up with zombies from Amonkhet.

Since you have access to white I can't recommend Time to Reflect more. It's such a sweet Zombie tribal payoff card and when used in a deck like this one of the best white removal cards in the game.

I'd also recommend Vanquisher's Banner from Ixalan as another sweet tribal card that gives you a nice draw engine, especially since literally half of the cards in your deck are creatures. You'll want to be able to keep playing more every turn and this should give you 2-3 extra cards a turn. Hell, even on turn 6 if you have 6 mana and only one creature in hand you could play a one drop zombie, draw a card, play a two drop zombie, draw a card, play a one drop zombie, draw a card, play another zombie, draw another card...

As much as I like Midnight Oil (which is how I arrived here in the first place) I think this would be a much better means of getting card advantage. You won't get it out until a turn later but it should net you at LEAST one extra card per turn while also buffing your entire field as another anthem effect. In an almost entirely creature deck (which honestly you could drop In Oketra's Name and Cast Out from the main board and go 100% creatures plus a few of these) I think it would result in your snowballing out of control.

You could have things like Cast Out and the new Ixalan's Binding (sweet card btw) in the sideboard to deal with threats by your opponent, and I'd also recommend sweepers like Bontu's Last Reckoning and Yahenni's Expertise which play very nicely with Plague Belcher because it'll reset the board while also draining down your opponent by 1 life for every Zombie that dies and for each Belcher on the field. That could be a finisher all by itself.

Here's what I would recommend overall:

Add 3x Sunscorched Desert as a little ping of damage that also helps enable your Ifnir Deadlands as more Deserts that can be sacrificed. This will up your land base to 24 which will be important to ensure you hit land drops every single turn and can afford to keep dropping multiple creatures every turn.

Add 4x Vanquisher's Banner to make sure that you hit one by turn 5 every game. You probably won't ever need to actually cast more than one, but great if you can. You don't want more than one in your starting hand though because you will need 3-4 land and 3-4 creatures to stay on curve.

Then your 15 card sideboard should roughly include:

1x-2x Cast Out as a means of dealing with large targets like Dinosaurs or whatever is going to lose you the game.

1x-2x Ixalan's Binding for the same reason and a great counter to combo decks.

1x-2x In Oketra's Name for the same reason you have it now: That final push of damage. I don't think you need more than two of these because it will pretty much always just need to be used the one time and usually later in the game.

1x-2x Yahenni's Expertise to be able to reset the board and drop a creature to follow it up. This can also become a finisher with Plague Belcher and a swarm of smaller zombies if it kills them. These are really inexpensive right now which is sweet.

1x-2x Bontu's Last Reckoning for pretty much the same reason as Yahenni's Expertise, but this one takes down things like Carnage Tyrant.

2x-3x Time to Reflect because it is a solid combat trick to remove big threats.

1x-2x Dispossess to break apart artifact based combos.

1x-2x Lost Legacy for the same reason but for non-artifacts.

Just my two cents. With Ixalan bringing 4 "new" and reasonably strong tribes and rotation making Zombies a thing of the past I think a creature heavy build like this should come as a surprise since the loss of cards like Liliana, the Last Hope and Relentless Dead. Once you hit your stride on turn 5 with that Banner you'll be set up to really flood the board and get maximum value from Wayward Servant to drain down your opponent and Binding Mummy to tap down their blockers.

Good luck! :)

Nicoblack on Kashmir Zombies

3 months ago

First of all if you want to get competitive keep in mind steadiness of the deck, more copies of the cards you are playing. This doesn't look like a control deck and you are planning to attack with a crap ton of zombies, so the faster you can do that the better. I would take out Gisa and Geralf, Noosegraf Mob and Drunau Corpse Trawler from the creatures, because they are expensive to cast in an aggro deck and Rise from the Tides, Rise from the Grave and Stir the Sands because you are neither throwing things in the trash nor casting a lot instants or sorceries. Your removal is actually well based and Time to Reflect just seems like an over performer in this deck.

Turn Aside seems weird but functional, just take into consideration that mass removals in standard are not targeted, so you may run into troubles.

If you want to get into the competitive scene there's actually not a better thing than to play against other guys and find the common solutions, maybe targeted removal, maybe more creatures, don't build your deck to win against a single deck, that's why sideboard exists.

I would suggest you to add more cheap creatures to keep pressuring your opponents by attacking every turn like Doomed Dissenter.

Anyway, in the end it is your deck, don't hesitate to add cards that you want to play with or build around some cards, it just feels better if you have fun playing your deck with a strategy that you came up with.

Ghosty on

3 months ago

Only 1 removal spell having access to and is really too few. Suggest to cut Marauding Boneslasher and Blighted Bat since they are weak for drop (your best grop is Lord of the Accursed) and add some removal like Time to Reflect, Fatal Push

Solemnity and Authority of the Consuls are sideboard cards IMHO. You can cut them as well in favor of good removal and Dread Wanderer

Qolorful on Zombies (its probably awful i'm new to this)

4 months ago

Hey there! Love that you are going for the zombies. It's a fun deck that's fairly decent. For a standard deck you usually want somewhere around 36 nonlands and 24 lands for your deck, as that is a good ratio for getting the right mix of cards in your hand to be able to play your first few turns out well. With that in mind you already have 38 nonland cards, so you may want to consider cutting that down.

As far as lands go, once you have your nonlands laid out, you can use Concealed Courtyard and the correct mix of plains and swamps to match the ratio of black to white in your deck.

For nonlands, since you are doing tribal, you have the right idea already, jam the deck with zombies and cards to support them. Some suggestions I have are to take out liliana's defeat, impeccable timing, and mighty leap, bring in Time to Reflect, and potentially even Liliana's Mastery. As far as your zombies themselves go I've played with mummy paramount before, and it wasn't nearly as good as it looks. It usually ends up being 3 power, and pressures you to play a zombie every turn even when that isn't the best option. Disposal mummy also is better off in the sideboard than the mainboard. The last one you might consider replacing would be Kherna eternal. (These aren't cards that need to go, but rather the least strong in your deck). One zombie id definitely put in is Unraveling Mummy! He seems iffy on paper, but you'd be surprised how much he makes people not want to attack you. The ability to give deathtouch is good for that, and the Lifelinker gives you a lot of extra sustain.

Good luck with your deck! If you have any questions let me know

Leon9358 on Tokens in Ixalan Standard? Ideas, ...

4 months ago

There's definitely some potiential foe b/w Zombie token spam B/W Zombies Help Needed but it will not be nearly as good as mono black zombies however I do see potiential in the card Time to Reflect

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