Transgress the Mind


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar Uncommon

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Transgress the Mind


Devoid (This card has no color.)

Target player reveals his or her hand. You may choose a card with converted mana cost 3 or greater and exile that card.

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Transgress the Mind Discussion

MizzMizz on Vial Undead [Modern Zombies]

1 day ago

Hey do you play with this deck at all? If so, what is it weak against? It seems like it's a bit short on planeswalker defense and removal for things higher than 4 Mana.

I'm pretty new so sorry if I'm missing something.

Surprised to see no Transgress the Mind

I think Ruinous Path would do good too

LithiumHD on Mono-Black Hand destruction

2 days ago

if you're looking to drop cards, the first two to go for me would be the extra copys of Transgress the Mind and Implement of Malice x3 is more than enough for both of those. then i'd actually look into cutting high mana creatures so either a herald or a Distended Mindbender (even though their mana is reduced by improvise and emerge respectively, getting them early on is not doing you any good)

Ballzanya on Black/white

5 days ago

Well for one, in modern you want as few lands that have to enter the battlefield tapped as possible. Therefore I'd add two more Concealed Courtyard, at least a couple Isolated Chapel, and maybe a Ghost Quarter or two instead of the tapped lands you currently have in there. Also, Transgress the Mind isn't that great in modern as opposed to standard, where it's pretty damn good. Discard options include Inquisition of Kozilek, and Thoughtseize on the more expensive end of things, but there are cheap hand disruption cards like Duress, Blackmail, Distress, and Castigate.

Seeing as you're trying to gain life, the one exception to the lands entering tapped would be Shambling Vent but only play one or two of them. As far as modern playable planeswalkers go, you can't go wrong with one or two Gideon Jura.

mack10k on B/W servo

5 days ago

I disagree because with a deck like this, speed is key. I run a mono white servo deck with great success, usually 3-1. I mean I run Gideon, Ally of Zendikar over Angel of Invention. I don't think Call for Unity is any good, way too slow for this format. The problem with Skywhaler's Shot is that it isn't good against Felidar Guardian. I would sideboard Transgress the Mind for Four Color Saheeli, Temur Tower, and snakes. (I would run it main deck x4 if I was playing black actually.) Lost Legacy for Four Color Saheeli. The only thing that Call for Unity has over Metallic Mimic is that they can't target it. But bringing it out on turn 5? Unless you are playing something slow, it isn't going to make as big an impact as you think, especially when you can just lose to Saheeli on turn 4, or have an overwhelming board state vs snakes and mardu. Plus it has to have a condition for it to even work. Plus they have to leave on your turn. They save some removal for their turn and it shuts it off. Angel of Invention is better for the same mana, but not anywhere near as good as mimic. And Concealed Courtyard and Spire of Industry would be my choice for lands, since they either don't come into play tapped (or have the potential early game where it counts).

emrakulinsmugglers on Tez touch improv anguish

1 week ago

Harsh Scrutiny isnt the best answer for creatures (thats where you would use removal), but this is nice because you get full information of your opponents hand, and you also get to scry (card advantage!), so if you're playing against, say, a greenblack variant, you might want to be able to look into their hand, maybe remove a constrictor, and be able to make better game plans.

Transgress the Mind is better against copycat, because it can destroy any copycat combo, also gives you the same perfect information, but is 1 mana slower, and no scry.

Depends on what your opponent is playing, you would board in some removal once you know what your opponent is doing (especially vehicles, because neither harsh or transgress can hit those), transgress would be better against copycat, but harsh is nicer overall, because turn 1 instead of 2.

also transgress can't ruin your opponent's early game, just their late game plans are toast.

NippDip on Grixis Control (No one plays Magic)

1 week ago

g0r3gr1nd3r, There are currently no standard-legal fetch lands, so that isn't a reality. As for Transgress the Mind, I may add a few copies to the sideboard depending on what my local meta adapts to. For now however, I'm going to stick with this list. Thanks for the feedback though!

g0r3gr1nd3r on Grixis Control (No one plays Magic)

1 week ago

You might wanna add some Fetch Lands for Revolt on Fatal Push.

So far the only permanent that's gonna leave the battlefield reliably is Evolving Wilds

Other than that, this looks like a solid Control Deck!

If you want to add another aspect of control, you might wanna try Transgress the Mind or something similar.

Qwer57764 on Salvaged Hedrons!

1 week ago

Also, maybe more Secret Salvage as the hardest one to get looks like the exile part. You should consider a few Negates mainboard and for sure sideboard the remainder of the playset along with a few Dispels. Countermagic seems rough to play against...

Also, why are you running Harsh Scrutiny? I don't really think it is worth it mainboard, and I just prefer a few Transgress the Mind in the side.

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