Vineshaper Mystic


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Vineshaper Mystic

Creature — Merfolk Shaman

When Vineshaper Mystic enters the battlefield, put a +1/+1 counter on each of up to two target Merfolk you control.

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Vineshaper Mystic Discussion

Catalizt on Merfolk

4 days ago

Also, a card you might put one or two of in is Kopala, Warden of Waves for further protection. Storm Sculptor is nice for bouncing cards like Tempest Caller,Vineshaper Mystic, and Watertrap Weaver(If you decide to put any in your deck). If you are set on having Jungle Delver's ability, i would still cut it and replace it with Shapers of Nature; 3 for a 3/3 is on curve and it gives you draw ability as well.

AJ@THE@MAN on Merfolks Unite!

1 week ago

I would make Kumena's Speaker and River Sneak 4 of's and make the Vineshaper Mystic to a 3 -4 of

Force_of_Willb on Merfolk Standard?

2 weeks ago

Are you looking to build a more mid-range or aggro style deck? a friend of mine went 4-0 going aggro at the pre-lease weekend.

going aggro I suggest a combination of: Kumena's Speaker, Siren Stormtamer, Deeproot Warrior, Merfolk Branchwalker, River Sneak, Shaper Apprentice, Vineshaper Mystic and River Heralds' Boon

The Vineshaper is a must.

I prefer Tempest Caller over Herald of Secret Streams as it allows all your creatures to get through for an alpha strike not just ones with counters (thought a lot of your creatures will)

Removing: Shaper's Sanctuary, Deeproot Waters, Heroic Intervention (side board), Overcome (too slow) and re-adjusting lands appropriately.

SlyCheese95 on Ixalan Merfolk Unblockable

2 weeks ago

I think that Merfolk Branchwalker, Vineshaper Mystic, Shapers of Nature, and River Heralds' Boon work really well in this deck and you might consider adding more. You might also consider adding a few cards such as Herald of Secret Streams (which would capitalize on Sphinx of Magosi and all the other creatures with +1/+1 counters) and Tishana, Voice of Thunder at some point. Blinding Fog and Dive Down would be fun instants to add.

BrenoSulz on Ixalan Fish

2 weeks ago

Hi dude!

I commented in another UG merfolk (fish :P) list:

Nice to see another person trying Nissa! She is bad for the lack os protection, but with Deeproot Waters the deck can produce a lot of blockers to keep her providing card advantage. It's a shame she just put the creatures in play rather than casting them.

My big concern is temur energy, as the majority of players in my local store are playing with it. I'm one of two players with ramunap, so this obviously won't be a problem.

Shaper's Sanctuary is a must, even though it conficts a bit with the tokens. But at the bright side, every Sanctuary draw helps casting more merfolks, therefore more tokens.

The best decks there use 1-2 Rhonas, so the trample for a big Longtusk Cub or Bristling Hydra can fuck up a game. Sorcerous Spyglass will have to make the sideboard as it can deny a The Scarab God .

Have you considered Watertrap Weaver? I really like this tempo effect, especially if you can produce a token with him as well, but the 3 CMC is rough. There's Kopala, vineshaper mystic (and Rishkar) and Deeproot Waters . I think Kopala is the only one you don't necessarily want to play on turn 3, so it could be a little clunky.

As for the 4-drops, I'll be testing with 2x Tempest Caller . I actually wander if there's a place for Jade Guardian. Might be nice with some auras like Cartouche of Ambition.

One River's Rebuke can help as a top end of a tempo strategy. And that reminds me about the mana base: Just 21 lands? The deck in the link above uses only 20. Those decks won't use Attune with Aether.

Please update as you playtest! I'll be trying to make a list of my own.

BrenoSulz on Simic merfolk

2 weeks ago


Almost didn't sleept this night thinking about a UG merfolk deck (I'm not kidding). Cards like Kumena's Speaker and Merfolk Branchwalker are easy inclusions. I want to kindda build around Deeproot Waters in a similar way the UW Monument (Oketra's Monument) do. Merfolks don't get the cost reduction, but the tokens have hexproof and the enchantment itself is not legendary, allowing multiple copies on the battlefield. I'll just put my thoughts in this comment, not saying your list is right or wrong (actually it would be very nice if you could share your experiences testing the deck).

Taking a look at the merfolks, Kumena's Speaker is the only 1-drop playable.

As for the 2-drops, Merfolk Branchwalker and River Sneak lead the way. Don't know if there'll be space for Shaper Apprentice and Deeproot Champion will depend on the rest of the deck.

You have only 6x 3-drop in the list right now and 2x Kopala, Warden of Waves are the only ones. For me this is the trickiest part... vineshaper mystic doesn't provide the mana ability as Rishkar, Peema Renegade but again, the merfolk isn't legendary. Shapers of Nature is very good but has 0 board impact upon casting. So there's Watertrap Weaver which has an interesting tempo effect that's great against Ramunap decks and maybe even Energy decks.

In the same tempo idea, Tempest Caller can clear the way for a good attack. Jade Guardian is another card I'm looking at. 4 mana 3/3 hexproof that have a whole tribe suporting to get bigger is nice. Maybe a little splash for Cartouche of Ambition to help against red. Herald of Secret Streams can be great and I think 2 is the right number.

This is actually my opinion on something I didn't like in the list: Growing Rites of Itlimoc . You don't have any mana sink and using this just to ramp into Tishana, Voice of Thunder is probably not worth because there'll be games that you won't draw her.

One card that came in my mind was Nissa, Steward of Elements. The big problem with her is that she can protect herself as most of the sucessfull walkers do, but with Deeproot Waters she might have a chance since every merfolk will represent 2 bodies (one of which can't be targeted with removal). Her 0 actually works very well with Merfolk Branchwalkers and her scry 2 can help keeping the merfolks coming (and the tokens as well). And of course her ultimate can win a game (maybe Tempest Caller tapping out and then you untap the lands - now 5/5 flyers?)

Nice to see Shaper's Sanctuary in, cause merfolks don't have many 1-drop options. Just a little bit odd because it's bad with the tokens, but drawing cards to replace removed non-token merfolks is simply delicious.

PS: I don't know where you play and how competitive it is, but in my local store almost 60% of the players are using energy decks and the best ones have 1-2 Rhonas the Indomitable. A constant font of chunck blockers is worthless when your opponent can give creatures trample. I didn't figured out the best way to neutralize it, yet. (I guess my last thought was splashing for white and put a Cast Out or Desert's Hold. As right now I realized they printed Sorcerous Spyglass :D)

And Tishana, Voice of Thunder man... I know a prerelease is a prerelease, but she drew me 6 cards, my opponent used an Ixalan's Binding, next turn I dumped my hand, passed, and when they passed back again I drew Vraska, Relic Seeker and obviously -3 and Tishana drew me another 7 cards. Totally nuts. I'm going with just one in my brew.

I guess for now it's "just" that. Sorry if I wrote too much :P

dthoreson813 on Ixalan Fish

3 weeks ago

-2 Spell Pierce +2 Siren's Ruse. This will make it so that you don't have to recast your Vineshaper Mystic.

multimedia on Ixalan Fish

3 weeks ago

Hey, more Tempest Caller less Herald of Secret Streams and more Vineshaper Mystic less Ridgescale Tusker.

I suggest more Tempest over Herald because Tempest can swing the game in your favor just as well as Herald and doesn't require that you have +1/+1 counters on creatures. Both are being used for an alpha strike and Tempest gives you more opportunity to attack with more creatures safely. Tempest's ETB ability has to be countered or all opponent's creatures become tapped, can't block. Herald can just be killed during attack and then your creatures are very vulnerable to being blown out.

For instance in the Dino matchup Tempest can give you a large advantage because your opponent is not going to be able to counter Tempest's ETB. All Dinos including Carnage Tyrant since Tempest's ability doesn't target creatures only opponent will get tapped down. In contrast Lightning Strike,Savage Stomp or Abrade will kill Herald.

River Heralds' Boon is very good with Deeproot Champion, Kumena's Speaker and Shaper Apprentice.

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