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Wolfninja's Binder

                             ***Last update: 06/16/2018***

I don't get on here very often (unless I'm in the middle of a trade) so I may not see a comment, if so just post again if I haven't answered within a couple days.

I would prefer to keep any trades above $10 and only within the US, with some exceptions of course. Some cards I only have listed for higher priority wants (i'll have a list further down), but i'm willing to trade just about any card I have for the right trade.

This is generally how shipping works with me:

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.
Card Has Wants Synced Set TCG Price Matches Rarity Format Type Subtype Color Foil Language

Last Update: 2 years ago

+3 Deadeye Tracker have
+2 Dire Fleet Poisoner have
+1 Essence Extraction have
+4 Fathom Fleet Captain have
+1 Gonti, Lord of Luxury have
+3 Hostage Taker have
+2 Jadelight Ranger want
+3 Kitesail Freebooter have
+4 Merfolk Mistbinder have
+2 Never have
+3 Ruin Raider have
+4 Silvergill Adept have
+1 Verdurous Gearhulk want
+2 Vraska's Contempt want