Vampiric Sliver


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral (TSP) Uncommon

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Vampiric Sliver

Creature — Sliver

All Sliver creatures have "Whenever a creature dealt damage by this creature this turn is put into a graveyard, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature."

Vampiric Sliver Discussion

Master_J on Slivers of Silver

4 months ago

In prep for working in some new slivers from Modern Horizons, I've made the following changes:

IN: Hibernation Sliver , Homing Sliver , Necrotic Sliver

OUT: Magma Sliver , Vampiric Sliver , Amoeboid Changeling

I've found the ones coming out generally not useful (though the changeling has saved Seedborn Muse once or twice.

I'm hoping the new ones will work better and help me with cascading once The First Sliver is put in.

LVL_666 on Slivers... Because someone has to be that guy

1 year ago this is a pet peeve of mine so take it worth a grain of salt but -always make your deck description as detailed as possible. As I'm looking at your deck and what you wrote here my only guess is that your game plan is to swing wide, and swing often. However, your deck doesn't seem to exactly have alot of focus to that end. You include some slivers with parasitic mechanics and/or (in my opinion) don't function well when there is only a "one of":

These Slivers are bad inclusions in an EDH deck because their abilities don't have much direct interaction with the other creatures in your deck. Additionally, when there is only one copy of them out on the battlefield their presence doesn't really make much of an impact - case in point Frenzy Sliver. With only one in play, your Slivers will only deal +1/+0 if they get through. That's it. If you had 4, that changes dramatically to +4/+0 - forcing the opponent to always block if possible. Can you honestly say that there is a situation where you would want to tutor for one of the previously mentioned creatures? Again, this is all my own opinion - but I would cut these Slivers for additional spells or permanents that could support you, but more on that later.

The inclusion of non-slivers is a bad choice given your commander. Overlord is designed to enable you to tutor for whatever answer you need. If that answer isn't a Sliver and is a creature - then what's the point of having Overlord as your commander? Speaking of lack of inclusions - why not have Amoeboid Changeling? It's a Sliver, and it interacts directly with Overlord's 2nd ability enabling you to steal enemy commanders. That's more of a control oriented play, but is a Overlord staple.

I'm starting to think that maybe you should swap out commanders for ether Sliver Hivelord or Sliver Legion. Your deck, as it is currently built seems to support a more aggro playstyle - which is completely viable within Slivers. Including the previously mentioned, I would cut the following cards:

Now, what cards do I think you could use?:

Sorry to write you a whole book lol, but those were my thoughts. Please let me know what you think and when your tournament is. I look forward to your response! Also, here's a +1 for you!

colton815 on SlIvErS!!!

1 year ago

note however that from a strategic standpoint, Vampiric Sliver probably isn't the best way to buff your slivers. it provides no immediate impact on board state the turn its played like a Predatory Sliver would, and the latter costs half the mana. Vampiric Sliver is also reliant on your creatures being already able to survive the combat damage step. your opponent won't attack if they know your creatures can block and survive, and they won't block either unless they know their own creature can survive combat, because otherwise they would know they're just feeding you +1/+1 counters. so you have to either put the opponent in an unfavorable position where they are forced to block, in which case you're probably already winning, or you have to pair Vampiric Sliver with removal spells like Terminate or Fatal Push.

colton815 on SlIvErS!!!

1 year ago

yes Vampiric Sliver would stack. if you have 2 or more on the battlefield simultaneously, all slivers are treated as having 2 instances of the ability, and each one would trigger separately when the conditions are met. all triggered abilities and power/toughness buffs will stack, but multiple instances of the same activated or static ability will provide no additional benefit.

Lazysid on Blood boil

3 years ago

First: try to make it Modern Legal, considering the meta we are playing in. (remove Vampiric Embrace)Then, take out Vampiric Sliver as it is not doing anything in a Vampire deck. Try to replace it with Kalastria Healer which would work ok with Vampire Envoy. However, if you want a Vampire Ally deck, you should add more Ally creatures. Mephidross Vampire, I like it but in my opinion is too costly for 6 mana. Vampiric Fury is the only red card here. Consider Feast of Blood and Kalastria Highborn.

Your land base, I would suggest 22-24 cards, and in order to keep it simple, keep it mono black. Later on, should wish to have something fancier, add red.

Hope this helps!

Not_Sure on Vampiric Sliver Question

3 years ago

Cool, just to clarify, the Striking Sliver would get two +1/+1 counters for the creature it dealt damage to entering the graveyard from multiple Vampiric Slivers

Not_Sure on Vampiric Sliver Question

3 years ago

Does - All Sliver creatures have "Whenever a creature dealt damage by this creature this turn dies, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature." - stack with multiple copies of Vampiric Sliver on the battlefield. For instance, I have two VS's in play and Striking Sliver triggers said ability, would it get two +1/+1 counters?

Got the 404 page not found error again in Rules Q&A, so I had to post somewhere.

Azreth on Extra Slivered Onions

3 years ago

IMO, certain slivers just don't have enough "Umph" to be in commander.

I kinda did the same thing when I made my first version of what I use now where I was just like "USE ALL THE SLIVERS!"

I'd cut:Brood Sliver, Clot Sliver, Fungus Sliver, Mnemonic Sliver, Predatory Sliver, Sinew Sliver,

I really dislike Megantic Sliver although I've been told to use it. It feels like it costs too much mana and I'd never tutor for it, ever. If I'm spending 6 mana at once it's not for a single creature for a "small buff" considering what slivers are capable of. With Slivers, you're playing a weird ass Voltron deck honestly, so you don't need everything to have +3/+3.

Not a huge fan of Dormant Sliver because you don't really -need- card draw if you are tutoring all over the place. Although that's just me. Especially with all of the cheat in stuff, card advantage is all the deck does. Same opinion about Opaline Sliver unless your stuff is getting targeted all the time. I usually get wrathed before I get someone throwing spot removal at me.

I've never really had Vampiric Sliver or Virulent Sliver do anything valuable for me, but the poison counters do usually force removal out on him.

Basal Sliver is interesting. I've thought about using it before, but never had enough mana issues for it to be a logical thing to cut a card for.

Two-Headed Sliver is by no means bad honestly, but with things like Ward Sliver and Shifting Sliver you shouldn't need a 3rd option to try and get your creatures through. The way I play, I never throw out Shifting Sliver until it's time for the kill-shot. Same with Bonescythe Sliver. You kind of have to play sneaky from my experience. When you kill someone, you should get a "That went from 0 to 100 real quick, what the fuck." type of reaction.

I like to keep a rule of, "The first person to get scary in EDH dies unless they win the turn they get scary." You never want to be the first person to try and pop off, because in that case everyone still has all of their counters and removal ready.

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