Karlov midrange life gain deck, utilizing small but consistent tax and life gain at every point in the game. This build is very flexible as it can be fast with lots of 1 and 2 drops that can pump and protect Karlov early, or it can switch gears to grind out the win over time with tax effects. Recently I built in a small token sub theme for activating Westvale Abbey and creating value from Krav, Regna and Ayli. The core game plan is to control with Karlov, Ayli and Vona before hitting hard with a pumped up Karlov or simply making yourself almost untouchable through having a huge life total.

A couple of other sneaky win cons are utilizing Vizkopa Guildmage's second ability with a big Karlov or Sunscorch Regent, as well as shooting another players with Blood Artist damage triggered by Toxic Deluge.

If all else fails becoming a dictator with fully armed and operational Aetherflux reservoir will also do just fine...have fun fighting for second place everybody!


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