Hi everybody.


  • I'm looking to go at least 2 wins in an FNM.

  • Should I run counter spells, card draws, or mana ramps, in aggro?

  • What's the general game plan of a deck like this? That is, should I wait till I get a lot of instants to buff my creatures to kill them in one attack, or simply play them as I get them?

Explanation of card choices

  • Lightning Bolt: The best source of removal in my deck, I consider it a staple in any aggro red modern deck.
  • Rapid Hybridization: It helps get rid of big creatures so you can lightning bolt them. The only creature that can't really get past this is Swiftspear and maybe Electrostatic Infantry, but we have Invigorated Rampage.
  • Brute Force: Even though buff spells are bad against cards that destroy your creatures, I decided to include this to buff my creatures out of the frog lizard tokens. Mutagenic growth or play with fire are also potential substitutes.
  • Monastery Swiftspear: It has haste and synergizes with the spells I'm playing.
  • Delver of Secrets  : It's a card that can be a 3/2 flier as soon as turn 2, even though you lose the element of surprise.

  • Electrostatic Infantry: Even though this doesn't have flying or haste, it makes up for that with having "permanent" prowess in the form of counters and has trample.

  • You Come to a River: It makes Rapid Hybridization a permanent removal spell or protects my creatures.
  • Sprite Dragon: It's basically an Electrostatic Infantry, but better because it has flying and haste built in.
  • Stormchaser Mage: It has 1/3 for stats, which means it'll survive pyroclasm.
  • Invigorated Rampage: Along with Polymorph, I'm not sure this is be good because a lot of my creatures have flying. But it's still a pump spell.

Sideboard Choices Explanation:

Electrickery is a card that will wipe the opponent's board if they are full of 1/1 tokens, I guess. It's situational which is why it's in the sideboard. The counterspells are to protect my creatures and instants, though I'm debating whether or not I should replace them with card draw like Opt or more damage spells.


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