This is a deck I built for a dearest friend that is a begginer. I suggested EDH because it is what I play the most, but we live far from each other so we can't play often. So until she finds a nice playgroup near her I figured a Tiny Leader's deck being more budget and easier to play would be a nice option to start and then eventually upgrade for the EDH version.

The deck is all about sac combos, life gain/loss shenanigans and some reanimation.

Most of the creatures in the deck either come back somehow or create tokens, those are to sac for Yahenni, the others are there for the synergy or utility.

The best combo in the deck is Ashnod's Altar + Geralf's Messenger + Nim Deathmantle , you sac the Messenger to the Altar he comes back to play with the undying and you get 2 mana, sac him again you get 2 more mana (4 total) pay those 4 for the Nim Deathmantle trigger, bringing Geralf's Messenger back, repeat as much as you want. It goes infinite and with Geralf's Messenger's ability it kills your(s) opponent(s).

You can replace Geralf's Messenger with some other creatures in the deck that come back by themselves, like Butcher Ghoul and Wingrattle Scarecrow. Weaponcraft Enthusiast can do infinite mana or tokens, make him enter with 2 servos, sac him and the servos to get 6 mana, pay 4 bring him with Deathmantle and enter with 2 more servos and you have 2 extra mana, repeat as many times as you wish, if instead you sac him and only 1 servo you will get 1 extra token each time and get a big army. But with something else in play, like Zulaport Cutthroat or Blood Artist you kill people instantly or draw as many cards as you want with Grim Haruspex.

Blade of the Bloodchief seems like it was made for Yahenni, Undying Partisan, pure synergy.

Westvale Abbey   makes sense in the deck, can give you more tokens to sac if you have some unused mana or give you a huge creature to kill someone.

Any help to improve the deck would be welcome. Thank you.


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