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Peasant Mono W Heroic (2ndEd.)

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This is the version I'm gonna buy soon. I didn't include Ethereal Armor and Mutagenic Growth because they weren't available anymore at the store I usually order cards from.

so, if you don't know what a peasant deck is, let me explain real shortly.

A Peasant deck is a pauper deck that may include up to 5 uncommon in the total set of 75 cards (mainboard and sideboard).

So the uncommons I've included in this deck are 2x Phalanx Leader and 3x Favored Hoplite because the one is a really good one drop next to Lagonna-Band Trailblazer and the other one can pump yo creatures if you don't have that many spells to pump up your whole board.

With that all said, let me know if you have any ideas, suggestions or questions in the comments below!



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