what happens when multiple elves meet.

features: annoying elflords

way more expensive because lands lands lands

but cheaper because magic

This is a regular Black Green Elves list. Like most BG Elves, we run Collected Company, Shaman of the Pack, Chord of Calling, IoK or Thoughtseize, and then our dual lands (as well as generic mono G elves stuff, and an even better sideboard). The purpose of black is generally for hand disruption and shaman, although we have other options like Stain the Mind, and such.

If you want to talk to me about Elves, Magic, or anything not Anime (sorry), feel free to add me as a friend, or enable chat!

One of the biggest decisions of this deck was the color. would i go green white Horizon Canopy elves, green black elves, combo elves, more tribal less instants???

i ended up going with black green, because black green allows for Shaman of the Pack, which is great a great new addition from m15. An instant speed lose 8 life out of nowhere (by using Chord of Calling or Collected Company) can win some uncertain games, and shaman can most definitely close out Death's Shadow.


Heritage Druid: Is the star of the deck, she allows for elves to ramp insanely fast, as on turn 2, with this girl, you can cast heritage, Dwynen's Elite, tap all 3 (including the elf token), and cast an Elvish Archdruid.

Elvish Archdruid: A powerful addition to the deck that was released in m10, this was better than the previous lords, such as Imperious Perfect, or Elvish Champion, because it was essentially a Priest of Titania on a lord.

Elves of Deep Shadow: A source of black mana, allows me to cut down elvish mystic to 3, and have 11 1 mana dorks.

Shaman of the Pack: Can come out of nowhere with a win. This kind of card is good when your opponent uses a card that prevents you from attacking, such as Ensnaring Bridge.

Ezuri, Renegade Leader: Since Scars came out, this has been the main finisher. Have excess mana? Cast ezuri, and win.

Nettle Sentinel: Once was a definite 4 of, now reduced to a card merely of your own decision. Some people choose not to run nettle sentinel, as it only shines with Heritage Druid. I run 2, as I can still get some value off of running some, but I still do not want to be flooded with nettles.

Elvish Visionary: like sentinel, this was once a must in every elf build. It still is one of the most powerful card in elves. I have it in my deck as a 2 of, as it is still a must.


of course, none. because im totally not running a bunch of black lotuses which are totally sorceries.


Collected Company: Instant speed creatures is always good, not to mention all my creatures can be hit by this spell. Chord of Calling: Similar in nature to Green Sun's Zenith, cost more to cast but has convoke.


At least 1 dual land (cause you only have 1 swamp and 8 duals), at least 1 mystic or llanowar elves, and a 3 drop, or a second 1 drop and 2 drop (to cast on turn 2). An example of a good hand (not counting removals) would be 1x elvish mystic, 2x llanowar elves, 1x heritage druid, 1x elvish archdruid, 2x lands. then, turn 1 mystic, turn 2 first druid and 2 elves, then tap all for an archdruid. then turn 3 topdeck ezuri and win. What not to keep: 0 land. If your only hope of survival is your opponent is more screwed than you, than you can't keep your hand.

You must always make sure that you won't be mana screwed, won't be flooded, that you have outlets for your mana (such as Ezuri, Renegade Leader). This translates into don't keep a hand that is 3x forest 4x Boreal Druid).


In this build, the turns are pretty self explanatory. just playing out your hand is good. One thing to note is if you can, be sure to abuse heritage druids no summoning sickness powers, so you can cast many spells in one turn (which is why Dwynen's Elite is so good).

Turn 1. You should be playing an Elvish Mystic, or a Llanowar Elves.

Turn 2. any elf lord, especially, Elvish Archdruid, but if you can, then 2 more mystic / llanowar elves/Dwynen's Elite, a Heritage Druid, and then a 3 drop (preferably Elvish Archdruid.

turn 3. look at all the mana you have. just play whatever you have. if you don't have much mana you should probably concede now. because you won't be able to stabilize if you've utterly failed your first 2 turns. this is why modern is a turn 2 format.

(im not lazy i just didn't write much =D )

will be updated once i have more free time.

Suggestions and/or feedback is appreciated.

Don't forget to

I'm currently considering shifting to GW Elves with Devoted Druid and Vizier of Remedies combo and remove Shaman of the Pack along with my Inquisition of Kozilek, and I'd welcome all opinions!

If any of you are interested, here is a budget green white elves and a combo elves list I'm working on.

If you want, you can send me a message on Discord, Wilt#1138


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