combo! Beat all your opponents!!

Disclaimer: You can only beat your realistically good matchups. Don't come yelling at me because you couldn't beat Puresteel Storm.

features: annoying combo involving a ton of elves because why not. You seriously cannot do any wrong with elves. This is coming from the person that identifies themself as an elf. Just kidding, I'm still human. for now. Maybe.

If you want to talk to me about Elves :), Magic :|, or anything else ;), feel free to enable chat or add me as a friend!

Like many Modern decks, this deck's manabase is very greedy. this deck utilizes 4 colors, red for artifact removal and Banefire, black for IoK and Shaman of the Pack.

To keep the deck going, we run 8 fetchlands, 4 shocklands, 2 rainbowlands, and 4 basic lands. the basic lands are a precaution against Blood Moon decks, as we can easily crack a fetch for a basic land on turn 1. As all our dual lands become mountains, we can easily cast our enchantment removal.

Here are some of the Infinite Combos in the deck

Infinite Combo Show

Below are 2 Sample Hands used in real games.

Hand 1 Show

Hand 2 Show

coming soon

Suggestions and/or feedback is appreciated.

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