Scion of the Wild


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Common
Tenth Edition Rare
Ravnica: City of Guilds Rare

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Scion of the Wild

Creature — Avatar

Scion of the Wild's power and toughness are each equal to the number of creatures you control.

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Scion of the Wild Discussion

kurcody1 on Ellie's Saproling Army

6 days ago

Hey! I'm pretty new to MTG, but I would love to give you suggestions, as I have a deck similar to this (on my profile), but doesn't have any saproling spawners other than 2 copies of Fists of Ironwood. My first and main suggestion is putting in Arbor Elfs instead of Explore and Rampant Growth because it also gives you extra mana for 1 mana and is a creature for Champion of Lambholt, Essence of the Wild, and Scion of the Wild. It also might be a good idea to put in more Champion of Lambholts as it is a very good card in your deck. I also reccomend maybe putting in Overwhelming Stampedeinstead of overrun because of your big hitters and Might of the Masses, but its optional as it is a high risk high reward card in your deck. I'm thinking of putting saproling spawners in my deck now!

kurcody1 on G/U zoo deck

6 days ago

Thanks for more insight, Soulus101. I'm thinking about some creatues that draw cards when they deal damage or enter the battlefield and taking out some lands because I have all of that card draw. The problem is, I feel like you are thinking about making the deck more aggro than I want it to be, especially because you think the Hornet Queen is too much mana and you think I should put in cheap draw. Given what I've seen from MTG Goldfish's modern budget magic, I want to make the deck keep up (especially against aggro) in the early game with Arbor Elfs, Elvish Mystics, and Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafters. by turn 3, I hope to have either Lorescale Coatl or Scion of the Wild that will slowly power up, then being able to win in the late game by playing Harmonize and Tidings when I am low on cards and playing my creatures that synergise well, really hoping to get a Prophet of Kruphix on the board. I am hoping to play very defensive at the beginning, using the advantage of double blocking, then getting a huge board that my opponent can't keep up with late in the game and attacking (most likely with big Lorescale Coatls, Scion of the Wilds, or tokens from Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafters.)

Soulus101 on G/U zoo deck

1 week ago

Hello, a nice shell. My concern would be that you have nothing to protect your key creatures from removal. Your card draw is also quite expensive. Blossoming Defense could help with the former. There are plenty of 3CMC blue cards which would improve card draw too.

Simic Charm, like any of the charms, is always an immediate consideration in UB, as they are quite versatile. In this case the Hexproof will again protect your creatures from being targeted.

I would also consider more token spawners, such as creatures with the Fabricate ability.

Finally, you might want to consider some trample. Fists of Ironwood would be a great enchantment for Scion of the Wild, although Rancor is probably the more popular aura for this task.

Hope this helps!

_raeofsunlight on Collected Tokens

1 month ago

Not bad

Emzed on cards like scion of the ...

4 months ago is a great rescource whenever you want to find cards with specific characteristics. To answer your question: There is no mono-green or colorless creature other than Scion of the Wild with P/T equal to your creature count.
However, you might be interested in Altar Golem, Junkyo Bell, Might of the Masses, Pennon Blade or Sigil of Valor.

kaneki on cards like scion of the ...

4 months ago

thank for the comments but I want to know if there is a mono green creature other then Scion of the Wild

squirlfood on

7 months ago

I would pull Vessel of Nascency and Sprout. But you might like some star/star creatures like Scion of the Wild, and some of the red guys i have in immortality awaits.

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