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Welcome to CTRL-G (or Control ) - Mono-Green Control Goodness.

Nissa is an underappreciated Commander. She helps you hit your land drops on time, and shuffle your library in the process, and when flipped, she's an awesome advantage-engine, either ramping you or drawing you cards. The fact that she's so cheap to cast means you don't care if she lives or dies... Either way she does her job without complaint.

The goal of this deck is to ramp and develop a board state of Enchantments. Enchantments that discourage your opponents from attacking you or trying to kill you in other ways. All our enchantments combo with every mono-green Enchantress card, giving you a phenomenal draw engine!

Once you have established a board presence and lots of mana, the endgame is to either win through beatdown with fatties like Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar OR, more commonly, wiping out the board through Hurricane effects. We pack Hurricane , Squall Line , Squallmonger and Ifh-Biff Efreet to accomplish this, using Glacial Chasm and Elderscale Wurm to survive our self-made Natural Disasters.

Nissa, Unbound

Myth Unbound : HOLY SHAZBOT! It's great with Miss Nissa! Did you know that when she Transforms, you can choose to exile her through the Command Zone, then come out as a Walker, which draws you a card through Myth Unbound . It makes her so much stronger! It's incredibly good, almost as if it was designed with her in mind! See what Ask a Magic Judge had to say about it.

This deck is a blast to pilot, and I highly recommend it if you are looking for something outside of the ordinary.

If you like this, please help me Make Mono-Green Control the best it can be, and please Upvote!

Thanks for looking!

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Nissa Front Nissa Back


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Although not a true cEDH deck, I pull this out and have decent success against my local cEDH meta. I'd love any suggestions and feedback on how to optimize the deck, so have at it!

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