Demigod of Revenge


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters (MMA) Rare
Shadowmoor (SHM) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Demigod of Revenge

Creature — Spirit Avatar

Flying, haste

When you cast Demigod of Revenge, return all cards named Demigod of Revenge from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Demigod of Revenge Discussion

Xica on mono black infinite life combo

2 weeks ago

Or play a lot more card drawing / card filtering effects, since those can help to get to your lands. (I have a deck that runs fine on 16 lands that runs Demigod of Revenge - the key is card filtering) Or just play a LOT more lands.

You shoud play some interaction, if you can't lay claim to being on of the fastest decks in the format. Removal spells, targeted discard, that kind of of thing...

Ol_man on 4 Color Hollow One (Avg. CMC .517)

3 weeks ago

Hello Xica,

Thanks for the input! Have you by chance tested this deck against dredge? I've tested it against infect, and it's been tested against a griselbrand reanimator deck. As for the grave hate cards, that's what the sideboard is for(if the grave hate is problematic). This deck can reliably go off turn 2-3, and cards intended to be played from the grave, are not intended to hang around in the grave for multiple turns(although it may happen, it's a chance based game). With that statement in mind, what good are grave hate cards, when the cards they are intending to hurt, are already on the field... I know Demigod of Revenge may seem like a more diverse threat but, firstly, it on avg., hangs around in the graveyard longer then lets say Vengevine, and secondly, 2 DemiGods (at least one in the grave, one in hand) are required to get the most of it.

NikFraggle on Pack Rat Demigod

1 month ago

Great idea making those cards work together like they do in this deck, especially the Pack Rat Squee, Goblin Nabob synergy is interessting.

First things first, Blood Moon fucks you up hard. Unless you have Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth in play, all your dual lands are mountains, making half of your deck unplayable. I would get rid of both cards and put in some standard lands.

Speaking of Lands, I think you will have consistency problems running only 22 Lands without some ramp mechanic. You wont have the time against a aggro based deck to get out your Demigod of Revenge combo or build up enough Rats.

Leechridden Swamp feels like its unnecessary as well. You dont need to steal life from your Opponent to win, especially because it may slow you down in the early game due to it coming into play tapped.

Bojuka Bog I would run as a sideboard card, not in my main deck, same reasoning as mentioned above.

Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet is a neat card, but I dont see how it benefits this deck more than adding another land to make your mana curve more consistent.

As for Olivia Voldaren, her effect is nice, but costs too much mana/takes to long to come in handy most of the time. Replace her with Mogis, God of Slaughter. Same mana cost, but the effect takes place immediatly plus your Demigod of Revenge makes it extremly easy to get to the devotion cost needed to activate him.

Looking at your removal, why not put in some Fiery Temper and or Lightning Axe to go with your discard theme?

That's a lot of stuff, but that doesn't mean this deck is bad! Just a little inconsistent in my opinion.

Hope i could help :-)

So long and thanks for the fish

Ol_man on 4 Color Hollow One (Avg. CMC .517)

2 months ago

Dorotheus thanks for the input! I did consider Tormenting Voice but, due to the cost to cards discarded it seemed a little underpowered (a 1cmc red creature that draws a card then allows you to discard a card would be a good fit). I also considered Bloodghast but, didn't realy want to add nonbasic lands to this deck with all the Blood Moons floating around. I also agree, Chandra, Torch of Defiance may seem like an odd fit into this deck but, she can work well (the possible every turn card draw and extra mana abilities work great in this deck and to top it off, on a curve +1 chandra into a Demigod of Revenge might not be so bad on turn 5 if a land was played each turn, Vengevine is the one this deck would really like to avoid Chandra +1 into). If I may ask, does Flamewake Phoenix graveyard return ability trigger Vengevines graveyard return ability? Would Earthshaker Khenra also trigger Vengevine?

Gaspacho on Revenge and Dark Depths

2 months ago

Casting Reanimate on one Demigod of Revenge won't bring it back. The card text says "When you cast Demigod of Revenge", not "When Demigod of Revenge enters the battlefield".

Instead of playing Ornithopter, you could opt for "free spells" (aka Street Wraith and Gitaxian Probe)

EzraTerrestrial on EzraTerrestrial

2 months ago

Hey DercStar, itd be difficult to move much around with changing the deck up pretty heavily. You might like

Demons Reign

Casual* EzraTerrestrial


Its a little different, but a very similar idea for way less. Otherwise just incorporate Demigod of Revenge for midrange. probably in place of Rakdos, Lord of Riots considering they dont work great together. Then Vexing Devil to lean more towards aggro if youre looking for something in a higher budget range. Hope that helps!

Upyron on Grimoire: Radial Control

2 months ago

xyr0s man, is quiet hard make a sense your reply but i understand more or less...

Before to start, i would like to remind few things, i learnt some changes from about some changes from , and totally change some strategies/sinergy from .

You tried to say i have some wrongs cards, because they're in a wrong archetype deck, but isn't true, any can work well in any deck, is depending on it combo if stay well or not.

Exemple OP Guys usually work well on burn deck or Aggro like, but here i use to create pressure during early phase, this kind of creature, i used previously, i used only colors is a kind of speciality) and have a combo with Pain Magnification, combos in this deck is very important this is a deck is a control, and a bit burn/aggro same time but flexible, can do at the same time both.

about costing, isn't a big problem, i have many pain land with double color or multicolor can enter not tapped, cards like Reflecting Pool Steam Vents.

Crackleburr can be good or not is depend of the situations if i see it'll not working with an opponent, i looking for cards like Demigod of Revenge or creatures, easily ignore burn combo or removal effects( those creature are in Alpha some improvement will come, demigood isnt best but at the moment is just an avatar just to reminder ;) )

Good card to be work well, old or not doesn't matter, is necessary have many chain.

also cheaper cards (mana) isnt always best option, is depend on combo... you make an exemple Spell Pierce.anyway thank for info was useful this deck will be upgrade soon the main problem now is few creature to change and few spells like 10 more or less is near to finish!!!thank for comments, is very usefull i think for any Users.bye

clayperce on RB Ponza

2 months ago

Following up on your most recent thread from over on Reddit ...

So, card advantage in is tricky ... Bob is the usual answer, but he's SUPER-pricey, so almost certainly not what you're looking for. Maybe some combo of Phyrexian Arena, Sign in Blood, Faithless Looting, or Abbot of Keral Keep?

And frankly, I don't know the best way to approach the manabase ... the challenge of reliably getting on Turn 1 (for Inquisition of Kozilek) and then on Turn 2 or 3 (for Molten Rain) is TOUGH. It seems like Fastlands would be great, but the price on Blackcleave Cliffs is pretty insane. Graven Cairns or Sulfurous Springs, maybe?

Finally, I have no idea if they're actually any good, but it seems like some Demigod of Revenge might be fun in the deck.

Good luck (and good skill) with the brew!

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