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WillofForce's Binder

Hey! Gonna keep trading on this wasteland until I'm the last one left.
I've only listed singles that I have around and over $4, tons and tons of cheaper cards and playable commons and uncommons in my collection so just ask! I'm more than willing to grab them (They're well organized) to make a trade even or help make a deck happen.
Looking for some tron pieces and always on the look out for fetches or shocklands. Will almost always find a trade however so let me know if you see anything or if there's anything you're looking for.
I use TCG Market in general.
Shipping from NH and only domestically.

Last Update: 3 months ago

-3 Bloodsoaked Champion have
-1 Bramble Sovereign have
-1 Cascade Bluffs have
-1 Dig Through Time have
-1 Entomb have
-2 Eternal Witness have
-1 Gaddock Teeg have
-1 Giver of Runes have
-1 Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur have
-2 Kozilek's Return have
-1 Laboratory Maniac have
-1 Lotus Petal have
-1 Morophon, the Boundless have
-1 Oko, Thief of Crowns have
-2 Path to Exile have
-2 Ramunap Excavator have
-1 Rugged Prairie have
-1 Serra Ascendant have
-1 Sram, Senior Edificer have
-1 Thought-Knot Seer have
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