Ever thought trains were cool but couldn't make it good enough for a competitive game of pauper? Well with a little practice and a good knowledge of your opponents you can do just that with this new deck! Good luck out there!

Basic Concept: Use your overwhelming amount of colour fixing in order to play low CMC removal and control spells in order to unsure yourself an advantage until you eventually play your vehicles.

This is a slower midrange deck that relies on you being able to protect your field and adjusting your deck with your sideboard to become more flexible than your opponent, making the deck also heavy on tempo. This deck is not built for beginners but will still perform well even when picked up for the first time.

Having more answers is the most important part of the deck, and because you can cast any 1 CMC spell in the format with little trouble you can often get a handy advatage for a win; examples of adjusting the deck: If you play against burn add some Myr Sires, Origin Spellbombs or Perilous Myr in exchange for Kami's of False Hope and Runed Servitors to ensure you put creatures on the field and cause your opponent to waste important spells. If you play against enchanment based decks, or hate Journey to Nowhere exchange Lightning Bolts or Flame Slash and Kami of False Hope for Duress, Natural State, or Annul . If you play against Kiln Fiend Blitz stratagies or Ulamog's Crusher add Awe Strike or Unsummon to give yourself more valuable time. Also if you don't like Aradara Express, or any other of the cards don't play them! Find your own stratagies and play how you like!

Also let me know what you think! Feedback on this build is very much appriecated, thanks!

Note: Wall of Tanglecord and Narnam Cobra are really good and should be taken into account... I'll need to do an update on the build soon...

Note: Played this deck against Affinity, how do I stop tons of massive 4/4's? To be honest all I can think of is by using tons of fog effects. However Renegade Frieghter loses to Myr Enforcer even on the offense. So I need a way to overpower my opponents or give myself a win condition that overcomes a deck with better card advantage and creatures... I thought about more creatures with flying such as Sky Skiff but I'm not sure how to implement it. Also Aradara Express is big enough but is also too slow..


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