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Cycling Recursion the Hard Way

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I wanted to make a cycling graveyard recursion deck and i found a fun way Codie can help. The whole point of Codie being the commander is for the color identity and he is a quick way to cast Living End so you don't have to draw into it. Whatchu wanna do is after you have enough creatures in your graveyard and you have a card with CMC 1, cast out Codie, Vociferous Codex and activate his ability, use the provided mana to cast the 1 CMC card. This will let you exile cards from the top of your library until you exile something that costs less. In this case the only card is Living End and the rest is history. It really won't be, the creatures don't do a whole lot but there will be a ton.

There are other cards that will let you do the same thing in case you cant use Codie. It is a little slow at first but takes off mid game and will do some fun stuff, hopefully you can protect yourself long enough. This deck is casual and meant to be fun, it will do some fun stuff but doesn't always win.

Any and all suggestions or questions are always welcome!


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