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The ever-changing Soldier deck of my dreams. It started out as a Boros deck, but that was much too inconsistent with what I could afford at the time, so it's slowly become this over time.

I want to replace Launch the Fleet, as It no longer serves the original purpose of the deck. I used to run two Elspeth, Sun's Champion, but i would draw both too often, and they would be dead cards...

Thoughts? Trying to keep this deck budgeted, mostly.

Edit 4-18-19 Launch the Fleet has been removed. Veteran's Armaments has been swapped for Stoneforge Masterwork, for an exchange in aggressive power without committing too many creatures to attack, while losing the defensive boon.

Aerial Responder added in for flying defense, and it's just a solid card. Ajani's Pridemate added in for power. WOrks with Aerial Responder, Soul Warden, and is a good main board alternative to Gideon's Avenger, especially if the opponent isn't particularly aggressive.

Mana Tithe and Hanweir Militia Captain   have been added, and placed in the side board.

Mentor of the Meek placed in the mainboard.

Edit 4-28-19

2 x Brave the Sands were removed as they dont work as well with the updated list. Put in 1 more Mentor of the Meek and an Ajani Goldmane for Minion buff, and lifegain.

Edit 10-13-21

2x Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit replaced with 2x Cleric Class.


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