Devouring Swarm

Devouring Swarm

Creature — Insect

Flying Sacrifice a creature: Devouring Swarm gets +1/+1 until end of turn.

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Devouring Swarm Discussion

Wabbajacke on You Gon' Need Some Pesticide for This!

6 months ago

If you want to stick with the +1/+1 counter theme a little bit more, maybe one of those too? Scute Mob Mortician Beetle

Devouring Swarm as a sac outlet in combination with Gleancrawler ? So you can sac Bond Beetle and Duskshell Crawler and bring them back for more +1/+1 counters. And you could use Grist, the Hunger Tide last ability to deal even more damage.

Then Iridescent Hornbeetle would also fit better in my opinion.

And Scute Swarm for a never ending swarm of Insects?

Swarm Shambler Is not an Insect but i think it still fits the theme somehow. But it will stop your mill from Grist, the Hunger Tide so it´s maybe not that good.

Swarmyard ?

Guligal89 on colfenor

1 year ago

Directly answering your question, I think you should put all X cost creatures you can into the deck anyway because they are both an enabler and a payoff (infinite power creature), and are still good creatures if you don't pull off the combo. Now, should yo go artifacts? Well, I think that decission is up to you but I will highlight some of the pros/cons:

Pros: Artifacts will make your deck faster, more focused, more consistent and overall better (in a sense that it'll win more). It will be cheapier to make it competitive as there are a lot of cheap tutoring effects for that strategy, as opposed to the expensive black tutors. This way, you can spend little and still achieve a pretty good power level.

Cons: However, it'll be more complicated to pilot as the amount of possible combos will grow exponentially. That will also make your turns longer as you'll have to think harder to figure out what to do. That may be boring for your opponents. Also, if you don't tune it properly, you'll probably outpower your friends (you talked about a 5 power level) with a solitaire deck. Artifacts is not the kind of arquetype that lets your opponents interact with you (neither you interact with them), so not only could you outpower them but you'll do so in the most boring way possible.

If you ask for a personal recommendation, I'd stick to a more janky and goofy playstyle, keeping the core combo of X cost creatures to still win a decent amount of games, but not make it the only win-con. It is really funny not only for you but for everybody when you pull off a weird 6-card combo that no one knows about. An example of this would be the Infect combo I have in my list.

I will give you some recommendations if you wanna go harder into artifacts. When I started my list I first made an infinite budget version trying to get the best deck possible and worked from there. I may upload that one too later. I'll list some of the best cards that I put in there that are still budget. Also, if you wanna go into artifacts you should get some interaction as there are a ton of artifact hate cards (that also depends on whether your playgroup usually plays them).

Good artifacts that won't cost you an eye: Cathodion, Junk Diver, Salvager of Ruin, Workshop Assistant

Nonartifact cards that are still great for that strategy: Protean Hulk, Ranger of Eos, Pitiless Plunderer, Fecundity

Other comments about your deck, I'd try to cut some of the most expensive cards like Konrad or Deathreap Ritual, you can find functionally identical effects for a way lower CMC. For Konrad I'd suggest Disciple of the Vault and for deathreap ritual the forementioned Fecundity.

If you finally decide to reject the way of the artifacts and keep it more aristocrat-y, recursion-y, I'd recommend you to check the Undying mechanic, Luminous Broodmoth, Abzan Ascendancy, and sacrifice payoffs that aren't combo focused like Carrion Feeder or Devouring Swarm but pose a serious threat. You said you like gaining life so you may keep that theme if you include some Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose, Exquisite Blood effects

photosinensis on Teysa_Karlov_EDH

2 years ago

Dango on Teysa Karlov "The Godmother"

2 years ago

Right off the bat I can say that Devouring Swarm and Flesh-Eater Imp are not the greatest sac outlets. Consider something like Carrion Feeder for a similar interaction but for less mana to get online early. Even Attrition seems fine in here.

I would say that everything looks playable though. However, do you mind sharing your target budget range for the build and perhaps highlighting some key interactions and win conditions before I make any further suggestions? I'm not all too familiar with the new Teysa and everything she interacts with yet, although I can see the interaction with Requiem Angel and Divine Visitation in addition to a sac outlet and a Blood Artist on the field.

I feel like you might be able to slot in some Nim Deathmantle combos in here as well. An Ashnod's Altar , Deathmantle, and any creature that produces two or more tokens on death (any creature that normally produces one will produce two with Teysa on the field too) can go infinite. This might be janky, but I feel like you have several ways to assemble that combo. Just a thought.

Azdranax on Teysa, Orzhov Scion

2 years ago

If your looking for a more sac-based theme, then let me offer you my build as a potential reference. Life Is Taxing

The best possible combo card with Teysa is Darkest Hour , which allows you to infinitely sac/create spirit tokens with any other creature(s) in play with a sac outlet. With Phyrexian Altar or Ashnod's Altar you can then create infinite mana, with Zulaport Cutthroat or Blood Artist you can infinitely drain your opponents, with Viscera Seer you can scry your entire deck and with Altar of Dementia you can infinitely mill your opponents.

Even if you're not looking for true infinite combos, you can sac to a creature like Devouring Swarm and swing with an infinitely large flying creature to one-shot a player. Hopefully some of these suggestions are helpful - happy brewing.

theLeyzin on Meren Tribal Insects!

3 years ago

Looking over the list we probably could use a couple, Westvale Abbey  Flip seems like a real nice inclusion. Also brought in Devouring Swarm since it flies and I didn't have any creature-based sac outlets. Thanks again

Gattison on Rakdos Sacrifice

4 years ago

ok, I still like it. =)

One more thing, what about Devouring Swarm instead of Bloodthrone Vampire, because of the flying?

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