Why try to win when you could just make stuff happen? Theme deck designed to make every deck as chaotic as possible without really trying to win while using all five colors. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Updated 2/5/2019

A few key cards included for specific reasons:

Telemin Performance is included because it provides two things this deck needs: the potential to pull a large body to block with, and something to hit stax decks with since they naturally counter this deck.

Dig Through Time is included over other options, i.e. Treasure Cruise, because this deck is actually over half manabase or support for the manabase. In the transition to the later stages, where this deck starts to need a few new plays in most matches, picking two of a larger selection of cards is actually more beneficial than drawing three because of the high risk of dead draws.

The commander: Jodah, Archmage Eternal replaced Child of Alara because any table automatically IDs me as 'a threat' when I play my fast aggro-style manabase with Jodah at the helm, leading them to let through things they would not otherwise on turn 3/4 expecting it to be counter-bait for Jodah. Also, having a flying 4/4 helps me block the hate coming from any U/W control player once they work out exactly what my deck is: their worst nightmare. Finally, his effect is an out to those rare occasions where my draws are so terrible that I get stuck at the 4-5 mana in my opening hand for half the match.

The manabase itself: I have not trimmed this manabase since starting the deck... and I've never run into color issues because of it. This is actually the type of manabase something like a Scion of the Ur-Dragon competitive aggro deck would run; it sacrifices deck slots in order to consistently have 4-5 colors available within the first 3 turns, often having 3 coloured mana after turn two. In the case of a Scion deck this is acceptable because you would plan on grabbing anything you needed with your commander's effect, however here I have used it to make a deck intended to consist solely of mana+support and 'bombs'.

Suggestions are very welcome, but please keep in mind that anything I swapped in would need to have at least as big an effect as the cards already included because this deck is built around messing with the table's collective threat assessment by affecting the game's flow every turn while not giving any clues as to what winning play you might be going for. In short, this is my take on "a trolling deck".


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