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UPDATE: I'm currently working on updating my binder, so there are likely a lot of things that are out-of-date. I'd be happy to let you know what I have, but please don't expect this binder to 100% match my real inventory.

I do my best to keep my binder updated with all rares and common/uncommon staples, though I do miss things occasionally. I also tend to include any alternate art/promo/foil versions of any cards I happen to have. I have lots of unlisted commons and uncommons, especially from more recent sets. If you are looking for something specific for fodder, feel free ask me if I happen to have it unlisted!

I'm always looking for fetches, shocks, and planeswalkers.

While I'm willing to trade everything in my binder, some things will need to have the right trade.

Full art/alternate art cards are my favorite. If you have game day cards or MPR cards like these, or Ugin's Fate cards like these I'd love to trade you for them!

I prefer non-foil and original printings.

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golgarigirl x2

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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